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Book Review: Torn by C.J. Fallowfield


by C.J. Fallowfield


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Torn - One will break her trust - One will break her heart - One will kill for her.

"Blown away, floored and left speechless. Torn is a story of love, one that will toy with your heart and emotions - to the max. This one will chew you up and spit you out raw. True to its title, you will be torn, gutted and slayed. 5 'Best. I. Ever. Had.' Stars" - Read & Share Book Reviews.

When Sky’s parents moved from San Francisco to Boulder City in Nevada, she thought her life was over, until she met the Hudson boys. Two years older than her, tattooed bad boy Nate was confident, cocky, good looking, and a straight talker. He was the unattainable guy that all the girls wanted, but the one their fathers warned them to steer clear of. Josh had all of his brother’s looks, but he was the sweet charmer your mother would beg you to marry. Their cousin Billy lacked the brothers’ good looks, so relied on his quick wit to attract the girls.

When all three of them set their sights on Sky, they became competitive, and cracks in their close bond began to form.

Torn between her loyalty to all three, and feelings for one, Sky was faced with a dilemma.

When she made her decision, she had no idea that her choice would set them all on a path that would tear the group apart.

Torn is an Amazon erotic romance, and adult fiction, international bestseller. It's a standalone new adult erotic romance novel, which is heavy on the angst. A box of tissues is likely to be required.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

That redhead’s Billy Hudson, Josh and Nate’s cousin, and what he lacks for in looks, he makes up for in personality.  He can laugh the panties off a nun, that one.

You’re probably the only legal girl under thirty in town that he hasn’t been with.

I opened the door, the sound of Taylor’s squeaky voice assaulting my ears as the harbingers of chlamydia all called my name.

Until your knowledge of sprouts extends beyond a championship belt in farting them out a few hours later, keep your opinions to yourself… I’m lucky I don’t have to wear glasses, Josh has assaulted my eyes with his toxic vapor so much over the years.  His gas would turn litmus paper bright red. 

I heard Ma tell Dad that it was no surprise you chose pitching over batting since you obviously like to fondle balls, judging by all the stains on your sheets when you were a teenager.

I’m swearing like a sailor on shore leave that couldn’t find an open bar.

My Review:

Written from my favorite dual POV, Torn immediately grabbed my attention, kept me enthralled, squeezed my heart, stole my breath, often had me smirking, and frequently left me gasping and cursing my News Years wine-free diet resolution.  Yet I loved every minute of it.  Torn was stellar!  The characters were achingly endearing, as were the sweet and supportive relationships they shared.  This wily author wove a clever tapestry with countless twists and turns and golden threads of misdirection that had my mind skittering off chasing rabbits.  Ms. Fallowfield is a sneaky and gifted scribe.  She broke my heart, gutted me, turned me inside out, and put me back together all while deftly amusing me with an intriguing, alluring, addictive, and unstoppable story that I could not put down.  The writing was clever, well-crafted, engaging, witty, observant, emotive, insightful, and atomically sensual – I think my heart may have stopped a time or three.  This wickedly talented wordsmith currently resides at the top of my list for further research.   

Empress DJ

About the Author

Enough heat to make the pages sizzle, romance to make you swoon, strong characters with depth and emotions to pluck at your heartstrings, and humour to make you laugh out loud. Roll all of that into one novel, or in C.J.'s case a lot of novels, and you have the measure of her books. Unless of course you count the odd twist she likes to throw in to keep readers on their toes. C.J. comes from the United Kingdom and is half-French. She lives in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields full of sheep and cows. She is yet to find her Prince Charming, but lives with her extremely pampered fur baby, Pumpkin, kitten of mass destruction.

C.J Fallowfield. is an Amazon #1 UK and international bestselling author of contemporary humorous erotic romance novels. She released her debut novel in January 2014.

Her alter-ego, Charlotte Fallowfield is an Amazon UK and international bestselling author of sweet, and sex free, romantic comedy novels.

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