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Book Review: Facing Me Shaft On Tour - Book 2 by Cat Mason

Facing Me 

Shaft On Tour - Book 2

by Cat Mason



“Everyone has a story my pages are just a lot darker than most."

“Everyone has a story my pages are just a lot darker than most.”

Aiden Chesterfield needs control like he needs air to breathe. It pushes back the dark past he tries to pretend doesn’t exist. Just as badly as he needs the structure that domination provides, he needs Camaron to be the one to submit to him. Though, when Aiden realizes how unworthy she feels of his love; he sends her away. Her insecurities anger him, but break him at the same time. Forcing him to come to the realization that some things are beyond his control. 

Camaron Allen left everything to start her life over in Vegas with hopes of finding family. After losing the man she loves, she’s determined to become stronger. When a phone call from her best friend has her taking on a new career, she is forced to face more than herself. With Shaft hitting the big time, everyone wants a piece of the rockers’ pie and some are willing to do anything to get it. 

Can Cam and Aiden move beyond their fears to face the possibility of a future together, or will they forever fight their demons alone?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“It’s lust, pure and simple, but she’s desperate to see his pierced equipment.  According to him, there’s more metal than flesh in his pants and Chase is desperate to see his transformer in action.”

“She was a damn butt pirate; all trying to plunder my booty!”

“The universe is in perfect balance with itself; now the bacon and booze shall be plentiful, says the almighty shaft.” 

“Hunter shrugs, ‘I’m studying to be a porn star medic.’  His grin widens, ‘I will prep the pussy, tending to their every need.  In a recession, the best idea is to have a back-up plan.  So, if necessary, I can be a jack of all trades.’”

“‘…don’t go to the dark side Mack.’  Aiden teases dramatically, ‘It’s not worth it.  Hunter is a weapon of mass corruption.’”

My Review:

Written in a dual POV, Facing Me is a more angsty read than Book 1 Escaping Me, although we can always count on Hunter for comic relief.  It is also considerably more erotic due to the bit of kink that the featured couple enjoys.  This story was so sensual my glasses fogged up, which required an occasionally break to wipe my specs (and my fevered brow) while I also attempted to catch my ragged breath.  Packed with romantic and family drama, there is also a fair amount of sabotage, assaults, attacks, and a bit a gunfire.  Exciting and stressful times for the fledgling band under a surprising management change.  I am soaking this series up - onward to book 3!

Empress DJ

About the Author

Cat Mason is thirty one years old and a mother to three children. She was born and raised in Granite City, Illinois which is just across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, Missouri. She currently lives in Virginia. Previously publishing Contemporary Romance under her real name, until she decided to lose the filter and let it all hang out. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or spending time with her friends and family. 



Twitter name is @Cat_Mason_2014

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