Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Review: When Elements Collide by Jillian Ashe

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 Some things that are lost aren't meant to be found…

We hope to find the coordinates to Asgard where I will find my brother, on a planet at the edge of space that has ties to the ancient Norse culture. Celeste, Ricky, Wolfe, and I have to overcome the native’s dislike for outsiders; their distrust and suspicion well-founded as they are one of the last societies free from the Federation.

To get these coordinates my crew and I have to brave the harsh environment of the Northern Continent which is covered in ice and snow year-round. The location of Asgard isn’t the only thing waiting for us in this icy wilderness. The locals speak of monsters that hide in the dark recesses of their land, guarding something no one is brave enough to find. Will we survive long enough to acquire what we came for?

Mythology a collection of myths, especially one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition. Or it can also mean the study of myths. The way I see it myths had to come from somewhere right? The theories that are in myths must be based on something someone once saw or heard. Same thing with all types of religion. What if the mythologies are really a part of history, not our history but the history of the planets outside our galaxy.

In this science fiction series, Jillian Ashe hints that the myths come from somewhere. The fourth installment moves from the science fiction we have been reading into mythology. To be more specific Norse mythology. (I know you are thinking of the Thor movie, now right?) This book is nothing like that movie, the author has her own twist to this story on how it all works. It might be hard to follow for those that know nothing about Norse mythology, but I believe that Ashe does a great job of describing the whole thing. So you know what is going on, but if you have more of an understanding of this mythology you will have no problem getting lost in this book. Just like I did.

This book had me biting my nails. It was full of action, plus we got to meet new characters (and I may be in love with one of them... Shh... It's a secret). Again I had no clue what was going to happen next, but the mix of science fiction and mythology genre's flowed together flawlessly. Frankly, I was impressed Jillian pulled it off, not many authors can mix genres together and have a really good book.

This series is the kind you would get hardbacks/paperbacks for your personal home library. I hope you guys are enjoying this series as much as I am. Btw, does anyone else think the cover to these books rock?

About the Author:

My readers are what's important to me. Yes, I write for myself and the enjoyment of it, but I adore when a reader actually has a great time reading a story I slaved over. I don't write any particular genre, but I do stick to kick-ass female characters. I love writing about all types of differently strong women. My debut series is Young Adult Science Fiction. The first novella is free to see if you enjoy what I write.

I'm very involved with my fandoms, and love all things geeky and nerdy. I love connecting with my readers, so if you'd like to contact me just head over to my website :)

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