Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review: Tequila Nights by Melissa Jane

Tequila Nights

by Melissa Jane




NUMBERS. They were as cruel as they were kind. 

The summer of my TWENTY-FIFTH birthday was one I would never forget. 

With only ONE glance, I lived and breathed Leo Santiago. 

For THREE months, I had the time of my life with a man who caught me by surprise. 

But FOUR words changed it all. 

NINETY days… Ninety agonizingly beautiful days I found and lost my greatest love. 

SIX kisses and Leo whispered his goodbye. 

SIXTEEN THOUSAND miles cruelly denied us from that something wonderful we had created. 

SIXTY long nights passed with only feeling his touch in my dreams. 

Numbers. They were bitter and they were sweet. 

Every day I counted the hours, minutes and seconds until Leo would find me again.

ONE dare, FOUR rhythmic beats and a bottle of TEQUILA 47… one taste and I was hooked.


Heat up your summer nights with Leo Santiago

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“Me, personally, I consider her a herpes.  Just when you think she’s gone, suddenly she reappears on her rampages and nothing we do gets rid of it.”

“I’ve always believed in you, Bella.  I’ve always believed in us.”

My Review:

Tequila Nights is a sweet and sexy love story that I found appealing and entertaining from beginning to end.  I enjoyed the story-line, quirky characters, humor, and the comfortable writing style.  The protagonists are likable and charming, and relish and balance each other in an enjoyable manner.  The writing was engaging and amusing, and the sensual scenes sizzle on the page.  I covet her Leo, I want a man who “worshiped me like I was his goddess.”  It was a quick and satisfying read. 

Empress DJ

About this author

Melissa Jane is an Aussie author who writes about Alpha men and strong heroines no matter the adventure.

When she isn't writing, Melissa spends time with her husband and little Yorkie, Pocket.

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