Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Book Review, Giveaway: White Lie by Peggy Dabney

Book: White Lie (The Consequences Series #2)

Author: Peggy Dabney

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date – 24th November


Kree Michaels is an independent woman who has never truly experienced love. But when she begins to fall for Vincent D’Amore, a commanding underboss of the Italian Mafia, she finds herself thrust into excitement…and danger. Jewel Raquet, Vincent’s exotic on-again off-again girlfriend, is determined to push Kree away from Vincent at any cost. In order to be with Vincent, Kree will have to fight both Vincent’s past and her own reservations.
Boy-next-door Tom Fry offers Kree an alternative to the danger and drama of being with Vincent. With his quiet, gentle devotion to Kree, he seems as different from Vincent as it’s possible to be. But will Tom’s sweetness be enough to convince Kree to resist the allure of Vincent’s burning desire? 

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“You two-timing little hussy.  You can’t help it if you have that special something that lures these gorgeous tomcats with your bewitching charm.”

“You have two men wanting you.  Lucky little minx!  You are obviously attracted to both men.  I can’t wait see how this dog fight ends.”

“You’re perfection baby.” 

My Review:

Peggy Dabney has pulled off one of those pleasurable and highly welcome feats of daring and skill, in which the sequel is even better than the original book.  White Lie is a genre hybrid in which she has mixed and mingled romantic suspense, adult contemporary romance, and even some paranormal elements.  The plot was active and busy with the mafia, murders, kidnappings, dream visits with the dead, and even some good ole New Orleans voodoo; and I was enthralled with it all.  Ms. Dabney has fully mastered the art of sensual scenes and had me gasping and reaching for a cool drink more than once.  Her writing is lushly descriptive and lavishly textured.  As with her first book, I was again conflicted in who to root for with our new main character also having her choice of two handsome men vying for her attention, but better yet, we get two different endings.  Genius!  I cannot wait to see what she does next.

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Meet the Author
Peggy Dabney lives in west-central Illinois with her family and rescue dog Fletcher. Besides being an avid reader, she loves football and motorcycle riding. From a very young age Peggy noticed that there are stories everywhere, and from all walks of life. 
She is obsessed with romance, adventure, and mystery. She tries to incorporate all of these in her writing, but always ends with an HEA (Happily Ever After).  To her there’s always a new beginning, a second chance, and a new story to be told. Love always finds its way.   

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