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Book Review, Giveaway: Breaking Hearts by MJ Summers

Breaking Hearts (Full Hearts #4) by MJ Summers
Book: Breaking Hearts
Author: MJ Summers
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Releases 17th November


Another unforgettable page-turner from MJ Summers . . .

Three years have passed since handsome, devil-may-care Trey Johnson betrayed his cousin, Cole, and left the family ranch in Colorado behind. Guilt-ridden, a reformed Trey has kept his nose to the grindstone and has done his best to distance himself from his reckless past. Now he’s shocked to discover that he is about to become a full-time father to his son, a child he barely knows.
Travelling to Brazil, Trey embarks on the fight of his life in order to bring his little boy home. Broke and very much alone, the last thing he expects is to find himself falling for Alessandra Santos, his son's nanny. The sparks between them fly, but is there too much at stake?
Alessandra, obedient daughter and top law student, always does what others expect. Whether trying to meet the expectations of her hard-nosed mother or the unreasonable demands of her employer, Alessandra finds it almost impossible to reach for what she really wants. But now that Trey Johnson has sauntered into her life, she will have to find her true voice or lose him forever.
Joined by the fate of a little boy, Alessandra and Trey must decide if they can find a way to open their hearts to each other or turn away from a chance at love.


MJ Summers is slowly killing me. First she wrote a book about a sexy cowboy and now she's written one about a sexy Frenchman. I loved Breaking Love and it was worth every one of the 5 stars that I gave it. ~ Karen, A Thousand Lives Book Blog

'"I inhaled this book... Riveting sexual heat... a delicious and definite five star read."
~Jennifer Sage - Author of The Guardian Archives Series  

 "A fun, often humorous, escapist tale that will have readers blushing, laughing and rooting for its characters." 
~KIRKUS REVIEW of Breaking Love 

What other authors so often fail, MJ championed in this book: in many books this long process of will they/won't they is just too long and after some time it loses the whole appeal, but here... it was not flat or boring for a second, it was all the time gripping and had you on the tips of your toes. Altogether, the book has made a fascinating, steamy... quick read. Why quick? Well, because I couldn't put it down, so engrossed was I in Megan and Luc's lives. It is a brilliant love story written with a lot of feeling and understanding.... MJ Summers can really write a hot romance with great characters in it, full of misunderstandings, twist and turns, heartbreaks and hurt but still with a lot of joy and that is a great entertainment. I have really enjoyed this book and will be keeping my eye on MJ Summers in the future. ~ On My Book Shelf Review Blog

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My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“I’m a guy, we’re much better at assessing women’s bodies than women are.”

“You’ll have to turn away now while I inhale the rest in a most unladylike way.”

“She didn’t want to fall asleep in front of Trey, only to end up with her mouth hanging open and snoring sounds coming out.  Or worse, drool.  That would be horrifying.”

“Sometimes I wish I could freeze time in a perfect moment and stay there.”

“So, I’ll know to wait until right after sex to ask you for anything I really want.”

“Pulling the covers over her head, she lay very still, wishing for death.  Or a time machine.  Or death.  That would be god right now.”

My Review:

I adored this sweet and tender love story until they became stubborn, tragic, and angsty and just broke my heart… but then I adored it again and all was right with the world.  I enjoyed this couple as until they got all dug in with their opposing positions - they were fun, smart, clever, and open with each other, but then they lost sight of themselves.  I was engaged by their sweet and steamy relationship and humorous banter.  I delighted in most of their story, but with him being a bit of an adrenalin junkie that gets caught up in the thrill of the moment, and her being distrustful and resistant to change, I wasn’t sure they were going to have a HEA.  My heart was wrenched!  Ms. Summer’s tortured them considerably before a bull horned in and made things clear.  But I have truly relished this entire series, Ms. Summers has skills. 

Empress DJ

Author Bio

MJ Summers currently resides in Canada, not far from the Rocky Mountains, with her husband, three young children and their goofy dog. When she's not writing erotic novels she loves running, reading, going for long dinners with her girlfriends, swimming, and camping with her family.

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