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Book Review: Tara Oakes Kingsmen MC Collection

The first four Kingsmen MC Books are now all together in a collection!


*** Warning *** This collection is intended for those 18 years or older due to mature and sexual content. 

Journey through Jay and Lil's epic love story and explore the growing romance between Clink and Charlie, book after book at an incredible value.

Lil's and Jay lived their very own fairytale biker romance. He was her first love, her only love. She was what he needed, what he wanted.
Insecurities, fear and misconceptions lead Lil's to make a heartbreaking decision to abandon that life and love behind, before it consumes and destroys her as it did her mother years earlier.
But.. moving on isn't so easy when you are deeply connected to your past.
When Lil's finds herself in a whirlwind of danger her knight in shining armor, er..., her badass biker on a Harley bails her out. But at what cost?

Do fairytale's always have a happily ever after? Jay and Lil's had just found the love they once shared and foolishly lost. But, a horrific turn events threatens to end it forever. Jay must race against time to save his ol' lady Lil's and their baby before tragedy strikes. In this sequel we learn more about Jay, the deep love he has for his soulmate, and just how far he is willing to go to protect her.
This novella is approx. 50,500 words and does not contain a cliffhanger ending like it's prequel. However, an epic love story like Lil's and Jay cannot possibly be wrapped up in two tidy little novella's... now can it?
Jay and Lils' epic tale of true love has unfolded, first in 'A Lil' Less Broken', followed by 'A Lil' Less Lost', and now concludes in the third installment of Tara Oakes' thrilling Kingsmen MC saga.
Jay has proven his loyalty over and over... that he is willing to do whatever necessary for his one true love, his Lil' one, Julia. She just so happens to have an uncanny ability to find herself in need of that loyalty time and again.
What happens when the tables turn and it is Lil's who must risk it all to save her ol' man? To prove once and for all, to him, and to the MC they call family that she is no longer the little girl they've known. But instead, is a fierce ol' lady determined not to stand idly by as everything she has worked so hard to regain is threatened.

The Kingsmen M.C's saga continues in this newest installment of Tara Oakes' tantalizing new series. In the first three novella's you've come to know and love the characters within the club. Jay and Lil's have had their epic love story play out over the pages of "A Lil' Less Broken", followed by "A Lil' Less Lost" and finally, "A Lil' Less Hopeless". While their fairytale is far from over, the next arc in the series concentrates on some of the other intriguing characters that have been woven throughout Jay and Lil's storyline.
The question on everyone's mind is.... WHO IS CHARLIE? And what is she hiding?
Planting herself deep within the club's inner circle, Charlie came to Chisolm with one goal in mind... to destroy the Kingsmen, M.C., no matter the personal cost. An unknown hatred fuels her mission to take them down. Pairing herself up with one of the club's bad boy's, the M.C.'s enforcer, Clink, seemed like just the ticket to get her in the door.
Once inside the club she had been eyeing from afar, she comes to realizes things are very different from what she had imagined them to be. Villainizing the group as a whole for an injustice that was done to her many years earlier no longer seemed to fit with growing attachments and relationships she was forming.
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My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

A Little Less Broken

“You send one measly bimbo to the E.R. and you never live it down, jeesh.”

“I love you Lil’s.  I know you know it, but I need to say it to you.  I need you to hear it, to feel it, and see me saying it to you.”

A Little Less Lost

“This was a fresh start, a new beginning.  I was cleansing my soul.  I had allowed myself a minute to wallow in this, feeling fragile and vulnerable, but no more.  It kind of feels like a rebirth, a salvaging from the ruin.”

“Life had gone by, with Jay and me losing our way and finding each other again, but this place was a constant, a reference point for us and part of our story.”

“Baby… this is where I told you for the first time that I loved you.  I loved you for a long time before that and every moment since.  I love you more than I care for myself, my life, and I would gladly give them both if I had to, to make you happy and keep you safe.”

“I was destined to love you and only you and I will love you every moment until there are none left.” 

A Little Less Hopeless

”He may be the one to have just woken up, but his eyes are wide and alert while I had no doubt mine were in fact dreamy.”

“Glad to know I can realistically pass for a hooker if need be.”

“He asked me a long time ago, in the beginning, if I was his girl.  Truth be told, I was always his girl.  And I always will be.”

“This man, this family that I expected nothing from, surprised me by giving me the one thing I deeply needed.  The one thing I convinced myself a long time ago that I could live without.  Belonging.  I belong here.”

Bittersweet Deception

“He has this way of making me feel like a caged bird about to be pounced on by a hungry cat. His darkening eyes look starved for me, I feel it.”

“Part of me wants to run out that door and get the hell outta dodge.  The other part won’t leave him… can’t.  As scared as I am of what’s set to happen next between us, I know I’m more scared, terrified even of what would happen if it didn’t.  I’ve had a taste of him, a harmless little bit that sucked me in and took over.  Now I need it to live, to breathe, to function.”

“If I put my tag on you, I take on all responsibility for you.  You’re mine.  I will lay down my life to protect you and make it my life’s mission to earn the right to have those letters on your back…”

“Sugar, I will always find you.  You’re part of me now.”


My Review:

Tara Oakes was only my second foray into the MC genre and much like my initial experience from reading a Chelle Bliss novel, I am proud as punch and pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed this series so much.  Until recently, I had never read or even would have expected to pick up a book of this genre.  I really should have known better, but didn’t think I would be interested or was qualified for some reason, since I have never watched Sons of Anarchy, am a well-educated, professional, pasty-skinned Anglo-Saxon woman, living in Hawaii, in her 50s, with no tattoos or leather clothing.  I don’t even have a denim jacket.  My only real-life experience with this sub-culture has been occasionally seeing MC riders in tight groupings on the freeway, from the safety of my personal car. 

I adored this series by Tara Oakes like a new and delightful toy, and I didn’t want to put it down.  Most of them could be read in a day.  Her stories were all involving, entertaining, and an easy read, yet something totally outside my own experience, and entailed learning a bit of new vocabulary.  I saw elements of several blended genres, including new adult, family drama, women’s fiction, and erotic romantic, and suspense.  I loved seeing bad-ass bikers described as romantics, fathers, lovers, brothers, extended family, and caring and tender souls.  And the sensual scenes had me gasping, in a good way.  I typically avoid reading series, but I found myself paying attention to when the next installment was coming out. 

Each book gives us more of Tara Oakes’ smokin’ hot, stubborn, Neanderthal, alpha biker men.  Toss in additional family drama, sizzling sensuality, and sweet and steamy love scenes… heaven.  But bonus - we also get to see their sweet and tender loving, small-child friendly, and nurturing sides…  I do like some sweet and tender along with the sizzle, it humanizes and balances out their gruffness.  Ms. Oakes’ stories are always well-written, absorbing, steamy, and full of secrets, hidden agendas, and tantalizing details. 

Empress DJ



Tara is a thirty something newbie author from Long Island, New York. She's a voracious reader, a passionate writer and obsessive junk T.V. aficionado. When she's not doing one of those three things she is attempting to garden, hanging with her hubby or partaking in some retail therapy. She enjoys connecting with her readers and is having a blast entering into this new world of publishing.


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