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4 Paws For Piper Charity Book Auction

4 Paws For Piper Charity Book Auction
Now's Your Chance:
The 4 Paws for Piper Book Auction is underway. The Heath family have already reached the goal for Piper to recieve her sidekick, but they've expanded their efforts to help other children with service dog needs. Service dogs are expensive, an expense often not covered under health insurance, and when you add the expense on top of the other cost of dealing with an ongoing condition, a service dog can quickly be out of reach. Stop by and check out the book catalog, and maybe YOU can help a child in need and their family. 
Here's a list of the authors who donated books...
Abbi Glines Helena Hunting Michelle A. Valentine
Adrienne Frances Jaime Whitley Michelle Kemper Brownlow
Alexis Moore J.A. Redmerski Michelle Pace
Allie Everhart Jay Crownover MJ Carnal
Aly Martinez JC Emery Molly McAdams
Amanda Mariel Jenn Cooksey Nancy Haviland
Amy Harmon Jennifer Armentrout Nashoda Rose
Andrea Randall and Charles Miles Jennifer Benson Natasha Boyd
Andrea Smith Jennifer Probst Naughty And Nice Book Blog
Angela Lockett Jennifer Sivec NB Baker
Angelisa Stone Jenn Sterling Nikki Groom
Anna Crosswell Jessica Park Penelope Douglas
Anna Zaires Jillian Dodd Penelope Ward
April Isabelle Ordonez Joanne Christenson Penny Reid
Arie Lane Jodi Ellen Malpas pepper winters
Ash-Morning Books and Coffee Jodi Picoult Rachel Van Dyken
Aurora Rose reynolds Julie Hockley Rae Matthews
Belle Aurora Julie Jaret Raine Miller
Berkley/NAL Kallypso Masters Ranae Rose
Beth Ehemann Katherine Urbahn Randi Cooley Wilson
Beth Flynn Kathleen Brooks Raw Books
Beverly Tubb Katie Ashley Rebecca Donovan
Bria Starr Katy Evans Rebecca Rohman
Calia Read K.A. Young Rebecca Shea
Cambria Hebert KC Lynn Renee Carlino
Carian Cole Kelly Elliott R.K. Lilley
Cassia Leo Kendall Grey R.L. Merrill
Cassie Shine Ker Dukey Ryan Michele
C.C. Wood Kerry Dill-Genova SamanthaTodd
Cecilia London Kimberly Blalock Samantha Towle
chantal fernando Kimberly Knight Sarah Dosher
Charlaine Harris Kim Holden Sarah Piechuta
Chelle Bliss Kirsty Moseley Sarah Robinson
Christina Lauren K. J. Farnham Scarlet Wolfe
Christy Baldwin Kristann Monaghan S.C. Stephens
Ciara M. Martinez Kristen Ashley SD Hendrickson
CJ Roberts Kristen Proby Shelly Crane
Cleo Scornavacca Kristie Verdurmen S. L. Scott
CM Foss Kristina Rienzi S.Moose
Colleen Hoover KS Dexter Sourcebooks
Corinne Michaels Kylie Scott Stacey Mosteller
Daisy Prescott Laurelin Paige Stacy Darnell
David Salkin Lauren Stewart Stephanie Dillander (Books you can't put down)
Debra Anastasia L.B. Dunbar Steph Campbell
Desiree Holt Lesley Jones Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt
Destinee Hardwick Libby Austin Sylvia Day
Dina Silver Liezel's Book BLog Tali Alexander
D. Kelly Lily Paradis Tambra Nicole Kendall
D. M. EARL Lisa Edwards Tara Sivec
Elisabeth Grace Lisa Halcomb Tarryn Fisher
E L James Lisa N Paul The Reading Room Blog
Ella Fox Liz Reinhardt Theresa Sederholt
Elle Boon Lizzy Ford T.H. Hernandez
Elle Kennedy LL Collins Tiffany King
Felicia Tatum Lori Otto Tijan
Fern Curry Love Between the Sheets Tina Gephart
Francine Richetti Madeline Sheehan Tina Reber
Gail McHugh Madison Sevier Tina Susedik
Gia Riley Mahalia Levey T.K. Leigh
Gina L. Maxwell Mandi Becks TM Frazier
Ginger Ring Margie Hager Tracey Garvis Graves
Gretchen de la O Meghan Quinn Vi Keeland
Hailey Edwards Melanie Dawn Wren Handman
Heather Dahlgren Melissa Brown Zoey Derrick
Heidi McLaughlin Mia Asher

Meet Callie Morrow and her diabetes service dog, Josie! Callie will be the next person we get to help. As you can see she has her dog but still owes money for him. With your help we can close out this chapter in her life. Instead of fundraising she can be a teen! Let's do it!Budget doesn't allow for bidding just now? It's okay. You can make a direct donation here! Every little bit helps. Can't afford to make a donation? Please consider sharing the auction with your family and friends or just stop by and give the auctioneers a vote of encouragment.


Tag Libby Austin in your post on Facebook, Twitter, and tsu and Libby Austin will enter you in a $20 gift card giveaway to the website of your choice. (She must be able to purchase a $20 gift card from the website or a different website will have to be selected.)


Tag Libby Austin in your post on Facebook, Twitter, and tsu and she will enter your blog in a giveaway to win a $20 gift card to give away on your blog.

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