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Giveaway & Review: JUST A HOLIDAY FLING - Tiffany Marie

Series: Pine Lake Series Book One
Book: Just a Holiday Fling
Author: Tiffany Marie
Genre: Contemporary; Romance

Book Synopsis: 
She wants a fling. He wants forever.

Samantha isn’t feeling very festive as she heads back to her childhood hometown for Christmas—but being alone, homeless, and verging on jobless can do that to a woman. She has no interest in participating in the town Christmas celebrations and would rather just crawl into bed until the holidays are over. Determined to get back into the Christmas spirit, Sam plans on seducing her childhood best friend—and fantasy guy—Jack. A holiday fling will be just the thing to kick her Scrooge-like attitude.

Jack’s been in love with Samantha for years, but he didn’t make his move before someone else did. Now she’s finally single again, and Jack’s not going to waste any time. He has a little over a week to convince Samantha they belong together, and that moving back to their childhood town to be with him is the right thing to do. As he woos her with carriage rides and homemade desserts, he learns Sam has been offered a new job half-way across the country, and he fears he’s about to lose her all over again.
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Book review: 
*sighs* this was just the book I needed to get me started on my holiday romance book rampage! I'm now ready to go over boarding reading a bunch more in holiday spirit. 
This was a sweet story about love that has been there forever but wasn't seen as clearly as it should. The characters were cute and endearing (one of the main characters has my name and that makes me really happy for some reason), with a real world feel to them. They delay with problems that I'm sure lots of people do, reacting in believable ways and spreading a love and joy to people in need. Even with the drama and heartbreak that was happening throughout, there was always some good old humor to her everyone smiling. I got really mushy when I was reading this, listening to romantic songs and reading about a love that seemed so pure. It was okay though, especially since these characters had wheedled their way into my heart in such a short time. 

Favorite quotes:

"Oh my gosh, by golly, I'll show you where you can shove that mistletoe and holly."

"They've been hovering over me since I got here. I've barely been alone long enough to pee without an audience."

"'Mitchell always knows what's going on in the world,' mrs. Lefen said proudly. 'I think he knows things about some countries their leaders haven't even learned yet.'"

"'Who made this?' 
'I did,' he said unable to keep the pride from how voice. Her face fell a little bit, and she looked over at him uncertainly.
'You? Have you ever baked anything before?'
'Well no.'
'What does that mean? You've never turned down desert before.'
'The dessert has never had the potential of killing me.'"

"He rolled his eyes and nudged his dad, giving him a can't-you-do-something-with-her look. His father responded with a been-trying-for-over-three-decades look."

All in all:
This book is definitely one a list of great holiday favorites! A great start to those trying to get into the mood for reading books during 'the most wonderful time of the year'.

Meet Tiffany
Tiffany Marie grew up in Michigan and currently lives in northern Indiana with her wonderfully supportive husband, rambunctious young son, and two rescued pets. She has worked in an elementary school, a bookstore, and a winery, and now she stays home with her son and writes whenever she has a few minutes to spare. She spends her free time reading too many romance novels, drinking too much Diet Pepsi, and taking too many naps.

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful review! I'm glad you enjoyed Sam and Jack's story!