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Giveaway, Playlist & Blog Tour: Mounting the Whale - Colleen McCarty

Book: Mounting the Whale
Author: Colleen McCarty 

Book Synopsis

The self-made and affluent Pierce family is hurled into a seamy kidnapping plot when they receive a text message from Janine—the most troubled of all the Pierce children.

Cartel got me, tell mom

The siblings, drowning in their own problems, are forced to focus on the task at hand: a half-cocked rescue mission that involves a borrowed yacht, a favor from a notorious drug kingpin, and a shocking reunion none of them expected.

When the family decides to sneak into Mexico, mother Cybil is forced to deal with a rival CEO whom she’s developed feelings for in secret. Her only son, Tom, is willing to risk bodily harm to save Janine while his other sisters, Carlyle and Valerie, suspect that the kidnapping is less than legitimate.

The long sea voyage tests the limits of the family’s already frail bonds. Dark secrets of infertility, drugs, gambling and extreme taxidermy begin to float to the surface. But nothing compares to what they begin to learn about their missing sister.

If they’re going to make it out alive, they have to recognize they're fighting the same battles and facing life’s greatest challenges: love, loneliness, and the struggle to find a place in the world.

Meet Colleen McCarty
I think I always knew I wanted to write, but kept trying to talk myself out of it. In college, I enrolled as an English major, but quickly switched when I realized I had no idea how I would make a living as an English major. I switched to something business-y.

I became an entrepreneur, opening two restaurants and a publishing company before my 28th birthday. But I always felt a tug. It wasn’t that I didn’t love helping people publish their books, and it wasn’t that I didn’t love marketing for my husband and I’s restaurant (Mod’s Coffee and Crepes, bee tee dubs)—there was just something missing.

When I would tell a story to a group of friends, or get really into a great book for example, I felt more alive. Something inside clicked on. So, even though I had a brand new baby (EVA!) and two businesses to run, I started trying to tell a story that I had been thinking about. Most of my writing was done after everyone had gone to bed, between 9pm and 12am, usually. I had a lot of help along the way, but 8 months later it was done.

Now, almost 12 months later, I’m ready to put this baby out into the world. And, I hope you’re ready too. It’s happening December 5th, 2013. There will be lots of ways to get involved, stay tuned here, or sign up for the newsletter (in the top right corner) to get up-to-date info on the book launch.
Love to one, friendship to many, goodwill to all.

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Music Playlist for Mounting the Whale

Next to writing, making playlists is probably my favorite thing to do. The key to a good playlist is to find that song someone heard once on the radio and fell in love with but could never find again. Bury those less familiar favorites in with some classics and some upbeat, fun, catchy stuff and you’ve got yourself a hit! What I tried to do here was embody the overall feeling of the book. I’ve broken it out into acts. Hopefully you enjoy!
Act 1
The Letter – The Box Tops
You’re My Rescue – Van She
Lonesome Town – Ricky Nelson
Omaha – The Counting Crows
Turning Into Stone – Phantogram
Leaving on a Jet Plane – Peter, Paul and Mary
Act 2
Hold Tight! – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich and Tich
Train Song – Vashti Bunyan
Hurricane – MS MR
Big Blue Sea – Bob Schneider
Act 3
The Look – Metronomy
It Ain’t Me Babe – The Turtles
What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor – Burl Ives
Don’t Kill The Whale - Yes
I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You – Colin Hay
Act 4
Against All Odds – The Postal Service
Secret – The Pierces
Oh Daddy (live) – Fleetwood Mac
The Poet – Ryan Bingham
Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The full playlist is available for free on Spotify

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  1. I had so much fun making this playlist! Thanks for featuring the book!