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Giveaway, Book Tour & Review: Displaced - J.F Jenkins


Series: Achlivan Cycle (#1)
Book: Displaced
Author: J.F Jenkins
Genre: New Adult/Science Fiction/Dystopian

Book Synopsis:
Chevelle Donahue thought going into work would be just like any other boring day at the mall. Sure, there was her annoying co-worker Wicken Sanders, and a promotional visit from teen heartthrob Timber Hudson, to watch and keep her entertained. But who was she kidding? Working retail was lame no matter what happened.
A terrorist attack changes everything - an attack from aliens of all things. The patrons are given two options: comply or else. Complying means giving in to a new set of rules and changing her entire life. "Or else" means she has no chance of going home again.

She must figure out the truth behind why the aliens are holding everyone hostage. In doing so, she risks her chance at freedom - but by the time she learns what's really happening, she might not want it.

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Book Review:
Holy smokes if I don't get a book two soon I'm going to be one irritable person!
This isn't the kind of book I would see myself getting into, I'm not really an alien persons. Give me a paranormal romance and I'll be very happy. This book has made me see I need to start opening my horizons because this book blew me away!
Our main characters are great, real people with real feelings. What I really liked about them is how much they hoped, how much kept to who they were for as long and hard as tey could. I know in that situation I would be a completely different story. 
The plot was definitely different. I've never read a book like this before, from the beginning I was hooked. With several turns in the plot that made me happy, upset and brought out the urge to murder someone, I was on my toes enjoying every curve ball that was thrown my way. Is it wrong that I had a dream about being taken like aliens similar to these last night? Or that I wouldn't mind these aliens taking me so much, especially knowing what I know now? It's not wrong? Yay ^.^

Favorite Quotes:

“The weather there was always so temperamental, like Mother Nature had PMS. One day it’d be gorgeous, and the next there would be three feet of snow.”

“Justice tells me your name is Wicked,” Patriarch said.
“Wicken,” I said in between bites. “Close enough, I guess. Especially since you don’t go by real names here.”
“There were getting to be too many John’s”

“I’m not so sure about the intelligence thing,” I said with a small smirk. “After all, we need warning labels to remind people that coffee is hot, wet floors are slippery, and that putting a plastic bag over your head can kill you. For how smart we are, there sure is a whole lot of stupid going around”

“I believe anyone who does emotional work has to care for people. Otherwise I don’t think the stories you tell would be so important to you”

“My heart pounded with more than just lust and passion; it beat in time with his. If I let him go, I don’t know how I was going to keep breathing. He was my sanity, my purpose, the one who knew and understood me a whole lot better than I did myself”

“If we lose our hearts, what makes us worth saving?”

All in all:
This book was way too good to be true for me, so after sleeping on it and double checking it was still there, I know it's real. I need a book two. I need a follow up on these great characters and their great plot. I'm sure after you read it you will too.
J.F. Jenkins

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