Monday, October 14, 2013

The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space - Brian Sfnas Review

Book: The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space
Author: Brian Sfnas
Genre: psychological fiction

Book Synopsis:
Once I dreamed a beautiful dream,
But now that dream is gone from me...

The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space is an award-winning epistolary novel told in the form of excerpts from a young man’s journal. After a group of friends becomes addicted to the concept of lucid dreaming, they find a way to medically induce themselves into comas with the goal of extending their lucid experiences. When things get out of hand and someone dies, the friends must find a way to cover it up.

Book Review:
I'm sad I didn't get to read this book sooner. It's not something I would normally find myself reading, but once I really got into it, I didn't want to out out it down. The characters were different from what I'm used to when it comes to books. This wasn't in bad way, it was refreshing and they were enjoyable. I didn't connect with them on the same level as I have with many characters before me, but I enjoyed hearing what they had to say on certain points. Got me really thinking. 
I also enjoyed the fact that this was a plot line that was different what I've read in the past. There's a hint of romance, but you can't dwell on it for too long at time because our protagonist flips around a lot. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, after all how long does your brain dwell on something. It's like listening to someone's inner monologue, and it was very interesting to get a glimpse of what things must sound like in someone else's head. 

Favorite Quotes:

"Anyway, you know how when you want to get to sleep, you can't? You probably knew the feeling worst on Christmas, or before the first day of school. As an adult, you probably know it as the 'what the fuck is wrong with me I have to be at work in the morning and it's 2 a.m' feeling."

"Some people deal with it by getting married and having children. By forcing themselves to have goals and responsibilities, they quell the voices in the back of their head that all of us hear. The ones that remind us that none of this really matters, and that we're just ticking off the days until it ceases to matter with finality."

"Working in tandem, we have robbed every single party we have ever been to. If you've ever invited Michael and Kyle to a celebration, congratulations, we stole stuff from you."

"I've come to realize that life as we perceive it, is really just a string of responses your body has to its surroundings."

"The human race has never let me down in its capacity to encourage self-destructive behavior."

"Families don't stick together anymore. The internet is our family now."

All in all:
This was a very good book, I enjoyed how different it was from what I usually immerse myself in. I won't recommend this to everyone, because I think it might take a special kind of person to truly appreciate it. If you think you're that special kind, then I do encourage you to grab a copy. 

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