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Falling For A Bentley - Adriana Law Review (Nikki)

Book: Falling For A Bentley
Author: Adriana Law
Genre: YA, Contemporary Romance

Book Synopsis: 
Not every story is a fairytale.

After an accident strips away her confidence Victoria Anderson withdraws from life. She lives to keep the peace. But when she is offered the chance at freedom, she is forced to decide...continue to make everyone else happy or take charge of her own happiness. 

Sterling Bentley is determined not to fall for his cousin's girl. If his past taught him one thing, it's that love cannot be trusted. His life has been an empty, black void for so long, that he's ready to let it take him. Hell, he's ready to dive straight in and sink to the bottom. 

Can two broken people truly find happiness? 

The more Sterling knows about Victoria, the more he knows he's no good for her. But Victoria is not about to give up on "a friend" even if it means going into the darkest parts of hell and back. Can she convince someone ready to give up that he is worth saving, or will they both succumb to Sterling's demons?

Book Review:

     Falling for a Bentley hits deeper than most romance books. Sure, it’s a beautiful story about a boy named Sterling and a girl named Victoria who fight for their love, but it’s more than that. Falling for a Bentley depicts parts of our world today that most people would prefer to hide from: drugs, abuse, and abandonment. Amidst the beautiful writing and witty remarks between characters, there is a story about overcoming not only what stands in your way going forwards, but what’s dragging you back from your past. This book isn’t just about love between two people, it’s about using this love to overcome any problem that could arise. Law has gone beyond the typical love story and turned it into something beautiful while also being true to the world we face today. Victoria and Sterling don’t get a fairytale: they get something so much more.

Favorite Quotes: 
       “We are all broken in some way. But it’s all the shattered pieces that give us depth. Like stained glass, it’s how the pieces and colors fit together that truly makes us beautiful.” 

“Life sucks. It’s all random bullshit that adds up to nothing but chaos. Serendipity: accidentally finding something wonderful while not looking for it. A few get lucky. The rest of us fight for what’s left over.”

“Dimples should come with a warning: Dangerous! Could knock your world off its axis, categorized as a weapon, proceed with caution.” 

“I’ve lost control of the simple act of being able to breathe. I’m hyperventilating. 
“I don’t need you to show me how to breathe,” I say. 
“You don’t?” He looks skeptical. 
“I think I can handle the simple act of breathing without you.” 

All In All: 
      Overall, this book is one I plan to read many times in the future. For 2.99 on the kindle, it’s really a steal for such a beautiful story.

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