Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Life With Snoopy - Joey Camen Review

Book: My Life With Snoopy
Author: Joey Camen
Genre: Memoir; Pet

Book Synopsis:
An exciting, tail wagging story about the relationship between Snoopy the shelter dog, and his human friend, comedian Joey Camen. Comedy and calamity ensue with various dogs, cats, and colorful characters you’ll meet throughout Snoopy and Joey’s thirteen year friendship. Snoopy, the best-looking Sheltie-mix ever to come out of the Burbank Animal Shelter redeems Joey’s distrust of dogs from a boyhood incident in Detroit and brings immense joy to his life. Animal lovers will laugh and shed a few tears, as they enjoy this unique and entertaining perspective on the dog-human connection.

Book Review:
My Life With Snoopy is the story of man and man best friends, makes sense doesn't it? The title can tell you that so why am I? I'm going to tell you it's much more than that. It's the story of first friends, heart break, second friends and love that's stronger than anything. It's about finding that special someone who can help you move past what held you down before, and bringing a joy not only into your life but those who he encounters. And he just happens to be a dog. 
I fell in love with Snoopy as I read this book. I smiled at his silly moments, I could feel the good energy he had radiated in life coming off the pages. I felt as though I actually met Snoopy. 
This book seems more powerful to me, because it wasn't written detached like I'm sure books that tell the sad story of a dog are. Camen uses his real voice, making everything all the more real, the pain, the love, all of it. I had to fight to keep from crying as I was finishing this book, because there was a connection with Snoopy I made that I probably haven't done with any kind of nonfiction character, so to speak, in my life. Snoopy' story was a story that was made to be told and I'm very glad it is. 

Favorite Quotes: 

"We were together thirteen years, two months, and four days. But who's counting? I am. When you have a love like this, everyday is worth counting."

"On the looks department, he was the Brad Pitt, the Johnny Depp, the George Clooney of dogs."

"Breeders or puppy mill, I wasn't having it. I don't have anything against someone running a puppy mill, trying to make a living… wait a minute. Yes, I do. A puppy mill is just wrong."

"Getting a puppy from a puppy mill would be like adopting a child conceived from an unknown sperm donor in a third world country, and having the doctor tell you, 'We guarantee all our sperm donors have better bodies than Taylor Lautner and IQs higher than Albert Einstein.' Yeah, right. No thanks, I'll pass."

"What kind of moron would abandon a dog like this? If there are different kinds if morons, this person was a new breed."

"But I had to. Right when the Beagle was in the middle of an 'Arr-Arr-Arr-Arr-Arr-Arr-Arr' I pointed to it and yelled, 'Someone help the poor dog. He swallowed a car alarm!' Got a laugh."

"The cat rescue woman came over to Wendy's place and decided it was unsuitable. She saw a small vent in the wall with a painted metal covering, and was scared the kitten might somehow remove it, crawl into the vent, and get hurt, or trapped. As if the kitten knew how to use a screwdriver."

"Whenever someone compliments the physical appearance of a persons pet, they usually respond with a big smile and an even bigger 'thank you' as if they had something to do with it. Unless you gave birth to your pet, I don't think so."

"A-D-D: Attention Deficit Disorder. I should've said it's not ADD that caused your son to swear at an adult he doesn't know. It's B-P: Bad Parenting."

"There is no ending to the story of Snoopy and me. He is a continuing presence in my life. He is constantly with me in heart, mind, and spirit. No one can take him from me."

All in all:
My Life With Snoopy tells the story of everything that is right with owning a pet, even when it gets rough in the end. I truly hope you will grab a copy of this work, and fall in love with Snoopy just as I did. Just as many before me have done, and just as I hope many after will when they read this work. He had this magic about him, to touch those even when he was gone. So grab a copy as soon as you can, I promise you will love him for everything he has and more. 
Rest In Piece Snoopy. I hope one day to adopt a puppy of my own just like you

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