Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Middle On - K. R. Cox Review (Nikki)


Series: The Lost Father Chronicles
Book: The Middle On
Author: K. R. Cox
Genre: fantasy

Book Synopsis: Danger is never far away in Middle On.

It has been thirteen years since Orryk's father disappeared. 

A strange letter is discovered in a journal that starts our hero on an adventure to find the man that abandoned him, his brother, and his mother. The question on everyone's mind: what really happened to make the man vanish?

A town that always seemed boring and ordinary suddenly becomes alive with threat and enchantment. The search for clues throws Orryk into circumstances that are too unbelievable and too wild for him to handle alone, and makes him wonder how he ever missed all the strange and bizarre things happening in Middle On.

The fight for clues takes our hero through some of the most challenging trials of his life and forces Orryk to decide which morals to bend, or break, to get what he wants. 

Set in a time of gaslights, wagons, and stone paved highways, this is a fantasy adventure where people and things, even the most ordinary, are not what they seem. 

Book Review: 
The Middle On was interesting, in ways. I enjoyed the distopic world that was created, it was different from a lot of things I've read. The characters were fun, as well. They definitely seemed to fit the worlds they lived in , they acted as if they'd lived in that world forever. They had, of course, lived their all of their lives, but the sad fact is that there are books where all of the characters seem out of place. Even with all of this, I still felt bored by the book. Maybe it's just me and my personal preferences, but I actually had some difficulties getting into this book. There were entertaining parts, and some interesting revelations, but all in all it seemed very flat.

All in All: 
If you're looking for a fantasy book with interesting characters and a determined main character, I definitely advise you read this book.

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