Monday, September 18, 2017

Book Review, Giveaway: Rule Breakers by Mary Billiter

Title:Rule Breakers
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 16th, 2017
Publisher: Hot Tree Publisher
Cover Designer: Claire Smith

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What happens when the rules and the heart conflict? In Mary Billiter’s witty novel of rule breaking and delectable romance, a red-hot suit and a beautiful computer geek are linked by heartbreaking loss and a passion certain to set fire to your pages.

From parking space to cyberspace, Waterfront Point hotel valet Carmen Gonzalez uncovers computer espionage at her own workplace. The independent, computer-whiz Carmen decides that the best way to fight the system is to hack it.

But when Hank Hughes arrives from the Oregon Coast to the Pacific Coast to take care of family business and avenge an injustice, Carmen’s “act first, think later” approach is called into question. Carmen soon realizes you can't follow the rules and follow your heart, so one has to be broken.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

The downside to being a pale Irishman was that when I was embarrassed, it revealed itself like a freshly boiled lobster, only nowhere near as enticing or desired.

I could have been covered in chocolate syrup and had hundred-dollar bills stuck all over me, and she still wouldn’t have been interested in me. A modern version of being tarred and feathered, and it wouldn’t even make her look twice in my direction. Epic fail.

His fingers were long, bony, and white. It was like watching the Grim Reaper play Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Thanks, but it’s not karma. It’s Catholic guilt, which I think is worse. Catholic guilt is the gift that keeps on giving and one that you can never seem to return.

…the employee of the month plaques and their pictures hung in the back Housekeeping hallway, because nothing said job well done like a police-quality mug shot buried in the basement.

I couldn’t charm a man even if I were covered in pizza slices and wore nothing but a widescreen TV that played nothing but all sports all the time.

And when I met you, you were an unexpected surprise. I knew you’d be amazing, but I didn’t know that your soul would touch mine.


My Review:

Rule Breakers had a little bit of everything and something for everyone to enjoy; interesting and diverse characters, amusing humor, mystery, a sweet and sensual romance, computer hacking, and endearing protagonists.  Mary Billiter is a new find for me, but I am going to rectify my inattention to her work as I enjoyed her humor and style.  She lost me a few times with the computer coding and geek speak, but I snapped to when the couple went from hacking to smacking lips and then on to sizzle and snap, right in the computer lab.  I adored the gentle giant of Hank the Tank and look forward to reading more of Ms. Billiter’s resort based series. 

Empress DJ

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Mary Billiter is a weekly newspaper columnist and fiction author. She also has novels published under the pen name, “Pumpkin Spice.”

Mary resides in the Cowboy State with her unabashedly bald husband, her four amazing children, two fantastic step-kids, and their runaway dog. She does her best writing (in her head) on her daily runs in wild, romantic, beautiful Wyoming.

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