Monday, September 4, 2017

Book Review: Delivering Decker by Kelly Collins 

Delivering Decker

by Kelly Collins 





He’s rich.
He’s handsome.
He’s lost.

To the average onlooker, Decker Riley has it all. But all the money in the world can’t fill the emptiness that threatens to devour him. His life is a lie that he feels in the deep recesses of his heart. Trapped in his father’s world, Decker hasn’t had a reason to forge a path of his own—that is, until he meets Hannah, the little spitfire of a waitress so far off his radar, he has to get lost to find her.

Hannah Banning has been living under a black cloud for so long, she’s forgotten what it feels like to have hope. With an addict mother and a younger sister full of potential, Hannah gave up her dreams so her sister can have the future she deserves. Hannah doesn’t dare think about what she’s missing—a career, true love, a good life, until an injured man shows up at the diner where she works and changes everything.

Can Hannah fill the hollow in Decker’s heart? Will Decker mend Hannah’s shattered soul and give her the future of her dreams?


My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

He smiled wide enough for his dentures to drop. “If I were younger Hannah, I …” I moved on before he could tell me what he would do. There were some things a girl should not have to see even in her imagination.

“His wife was my best friend for years. We used to go see Thunder Down Under in Denver every year they came to town.” Her silver blue eyes crinkled in the corners when she smiled. “Bob would hand Avis a pile of dollar bills. He told her to enjoy herself, but to bring her appetite home. I’m not sure who loved that one day a year more, Bob or Avis.

They were cute in an odd couple kind of way. Marty was gasoline, and Mona was fire, but somehow their combination wasn’t combustible. Mona simply burned up Marty’s fuel, and he was happy to keep her flame going.

My life is over. All I have is Judge Judy and carbohydrates.

You know that saying about how if you set someone free and they come back, they are yours forever? … Well, that’s bullshit. You get your ass in your car and chase down that boy. Flick him on his stitches to get his attention and don’t leave him until he’s convinced you love him.

My Review:

I have adored and relished all three of the cleverly written books in this series and am mourning the fact that Ms. Collins only graced The Boys of Fury with three brothers.  I’m not ready to move on and leave them behind, although Delivering Decker did an excellent job of wrapping up the series with a heart and soul pleasing and satisfying conclusion.  The characters were indelible, quirky, and endearingly flawed while the storylines were eventful, relevant and engaging.  I truly cannot decide which brother or book I liked best, but I’m leaning toward Delivering Decker as I am having an extremely strong urge to purchase and play with an inspirationally festooned kite while sipping on some of Mona’s lemonade.  Message received Ms. Collins. 

Empress DJ


Kelly Collins writes with the intention of keeping the love alive.

Always a romantic, she is inspired by real-time events mixed with a dose of fiction. She encourages her readers to reach the happily ever after but bask in the afterglow of the perfectly imperfect love.

Kelly lives in Colorado with her husband of twenty-five years. She loves hockey, shiny objects and has a new-found appreciation for green smoothies.

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