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Book Review: Birthing Balls (Ball Games Book 7) by Andie M. Long

Birthing Balls 
(Ball Games Book 7)
by Andie M. Long 


Lindsay and Beth’s pregnancies progress, with Beth looking like a supermodel and Lindsay looking like…well…Buddha. Meanwhile, a panicking Tyler practices being a dad by borrowing a fake baby…

Dora anticipates a sexy surprise, except that's not what happens, leading to unwanted attention from an old friend of Tim's. With this, and her about to be a grandma, Dora decides maybe it's time to start playing bingo and give up on trying to look good. 

With a strange jogger-wearing mother appearing, Cam and Beth once again unite to get revenge. This time on the man causing Dora’s misery. 

It’s yet another round of chaos from the Turner family and friends.


This is book Seven in the series. It can be read as a standalone but for the ultimate in reader satisfaction read the others first! Everything concludes for the family in book 8 - out 2018.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

May, Lindsay’s sixth month of pregnancy. My vitamin fruit smoothie is by my side. Yes, she’s pregnant but I’m the one in need of vitamins, and a new set of genitals.

So a tip for you guys. If you need a rest from the baby stuff, either being bored by them going on and on about babies, or if you’re worn down to the point of exhaustion by their libido. Get man flu. I repeat say you have man flu. This can be our little secret… maybe I’ll even stretch it to ten days. Depends on how long it takes for my genitals and thighs to recover. And on that note somehow I need to get down to the kitchen for another vitamin drink to build up my strength.

“I saw you at Christmas.” Dora winks at her daughter… “When I was doing the trimming up for the Christmas display. I had to avert my gaze from the window… Not surprised she’s marrying him,” Dora adds and holds her hands wide apart.

“Happy birthday, Cam.” She hands over an envelope which has cash stuffed in it. “I left Ty to sort your gift so he basically just went around the house, picked up any stray money he could find and he put it in a card he found in my kitchen drawer which you’ll find is a Christmas card. You could have £500 or loose change amounting to 67p, I have no idea, and I’m sorry, Cam, but I’m too tired to care. When I’ve had the baby, I’ll treat you to something nice.”

… a tiny sip of wine will not cause damage to a baby. Whereas looking at your face and your attitude it looks like your own mother drank herself into oblivion after shagging Quasimodo.

My Review:

Andie M. Long’s bawdy humor has once again provided me with an afternoon of respite to giggle-snort and bark aloud with glee.  I have smirked my way through all seven installments of this delightfully mischievous and mirth filled series.  The man-child Ty, continues to enjoy his success as a YouTube sensation, and is wisely capitalizing on his girlfriend’s pregnancy by writing a Bewildered Baby Daddy book of his experiences; his inner musings and insights are nothing short of hilarity.  Dora, ever the hot mess, continues to provide her own special blend of comic relief and embarrassment to her adult children with her shenanigans and colorful antics.  I adore this eccentric oddball family and want this series to continue on until Dora requires placement in a nursing home, where she would most likely terrorize and entertain the staff in equal measure.  

Empress DJ

About The Author

After twenty+ years of thinking about it, at the age of forty, I decided it was time to finally WRITE THE BOOK or forget about it. I studied two Open University Courses in Creative Writing and finally wrote my first novel. I've now written a ton of novels and have the ideas for so many more!

I live in Sheffield with my son and long suffering partner. We now have a beautiful fur-baby called Bella. When not being a partner, mother, employee (I also work for the NHS) or writer I can usually be found on Facebook or Pinterest.

I'll be signing in Newcastle 2017 and York 2018.

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