Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Book Review: All The Way by M. Mabie

all the way ebook

All The Way

by M. Mabie


"I was going to keep my word, but I was also keeping her."—Cord Taylor

A contemporary romance with a mouthy redhead and a sexy, charming hero.             

Swoon. Laugh. Fall in love.


I’m a man’s man. A bro. A pal. A dude. And I love women. 

Am I a saint? Far from it. 

Do I go out with a lot of women? You’re damn right. 
I date them all. Shy. Loud. Too busy. Lonely. High maintenance. No confidence. No filter. Bad habits. Naive. Beautiful ones. Pretty ones—and believe me there is a difference, but that’s another soap box. Point is, I don’t discriminate. 

What do I get out of it? Knowledge. I want to be prepared, adept, and ready. 

I might find the perfect woman for me today or a few years from now, but I won’t stop until I do. Then when The One comes along, I’ll be ready to go the distance. 

Ready to go all the way. 

I’m Cord Taylor, and, lady of my dreams, I’m coming for you.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Trevor’s bright orange car looked like it had been parked by a blind armless person.

Inside my head looked like a video game right before you’re about to die and the screen flashes red as a warning.

My mind wandered evilly, making up an image of him out on a date with someone else. Some combination of a dirty slut and filthy whore. A slore.

You’ve always been stubborn. You know you kept your training wheels on until you were like thirteen.

My Review:

All The Way was a cunningly plotted, cleverly humorous, and exceptionally well-crafted book.  The title was lifted from a specialty Waffle House order and not from a sexual encounter, as most would expect.  Don’t get me wrong - there were plenty of sizzling sensual scenes in this book, just not in the title.  M. Mabie is a gifted wordsmith with a wicked sense of humor.  I adored her endearingly flawed yet witty characters as much as I did her skillfully amusing, keenly detailed, and salaciously comical writing style.  She deftly embellishes her storyline with crafty little touches that summon sharp and highly entertaining and lively visuals.  I smirked, giggle-snorted, and gasped my way through this witty, engaging, and delightfully naughty tale.  I enjoyed spending time with these quick-witted and quirky people, but honestly, who couldn’t love a generous “too-hot” man who cooks, cleans, and makes cinnamon rolls from scratch?

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