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Book Review: All The Way by Victoria L. James - A Natexus Novella

All The Way by Victoria L. James
A Natexus Novella
Release Date: 1st November



Six minutes after he'd vowed to love me forever and I was the happiest I'd ever been. He wasn't meant to be with me at the start of my next adventure, but the other half of my soul — the man I'd been away from for far too long — had slammed back into my life with unashamed force all over again. With one look in his eyes, I was lost to all his promises, and I couldn't find a single reason for us to spend another second apart.

Happiness became a dangerous addiction — one Alex Law was able to wrap me in with an ease no one else had ever done before. Yet no matter how high the clouds we rode upon climbed, the echoes of our pasts never seemed to be too far away.

Not all happily ever afters go the same way and ours was about to bring out sides of both of us that we never knew existed. All I could do was hold my breath and hope that whatever storms we passed through, they wouldn't be strong enough to tear us apart for a second time.

Our eternity started with a kiss. Now it was up to me to prove that forever really could last a lifetime with nobody else but him
That beautiful, breathtaking first love of mine.

                          ~ Natalie Vincent

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If you’re going to go home with anyone today, avoid the girl in the background who shrieks like a cat.  Mrs. Hawkins in the apartment below you will flip her lid if that woman is keeping her awake with her howling all night long.

I couldn’t control the elation I felt at what he’d just described.  Something locked inside of me.  Something secured itself.  Something clicked and crashed into my heart… 

Ours was a softly spoken love.  A not everything needs to be said out loud love.  An I can’t breathe without him kind of love.  The I need him and he needs me love.  The you appeared out of nowhere and brought me to life love. 


My Review:

Victoria L. James is the Goddess of Feels; the Mistress of Words - I humbly kneel and bow to her talent, and would leave offerings of ink and paper and worship at her altar. I adored these characters and this clever author in equal measure.  While I finished the story yesterday, I have dithered in writing my review, fearing my efforts will appear paltry and meager in summarizing the deft skill and craftiness of this superbly gifted wordsmith.  As always, her storyline was engaging and relevant and the writing was simply stellar, insightful, and observant.  Her scenes were so lushly detailed - they ran smoothly and seamlessly like a movie reel across my feverish brain.  I could not read fast enough and was eager for each sentence.  The narrative was full of feels and I was right there with them… when they were happy – I was giddy; when they were upset – my throat and chest constricted with their distress.  Ms. James’s words were magically strung together to mine, stir, and incite the full gamut of emotion.  She stole my breath, grabbed and squeezed my heart - then set it off to soar.  If I develop a murmur – it will be on her.  

Empress DJ

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Meet the Author 

Victoria L. James is a teenage girl stuck in a thirty-something year-old's body. A Corona and nacho appreciator with a ridiculous obsession for all things Rocky Balboa, she currently lives in Yorkshire, England with her husband and two baby boys. Having had a strong passion for words and stories going as far back as she can remember, she credits her love of literature to her Grandma Bess who taught her that you didn't need a lot of money to travel to different worlds, experience new places, and live a thousand lives.

And so Victoria's unexpected journey to writing began, one impressionable Sweet Valley High book, and tragic diary entry at a time.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve and trying to lighten life with naff, and more often than not, badly-timed, nineties jokes, she has yet to learn the art of knowing when to shut up.

A firm believer in never quitting and a champion of every underdog that exists, she dreams of being able to write forever, hoping her stories will inspire at least one person out there to keep on pushing against the tide of their own struggles. Reading is always the ultimate escape.

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Seven breaths left in her chest, yet I looked back at him. He wasn’t meant to be there on the darkest night of my life, but the mysterious Alex Law continued to make a habit of showing up when I least expected him. With one look in his eyes, everything I’d ever been before him drifted away, and everything I was about to become revolved around him.

Grief threatened to ruin me no matter how hard I fought, and Alex had demons of his own to deal with, yet we found a comfort in each other’s pain. We found ourselves alone, two people becoming one. Just us. Natalie and Alex. Natexus. As long as we had each other, we thought we could make it through anything.

We didn't know there were things out there waiting to destroy us: people we couldn’t escape, fates we couldn’t outrun and regrets we couldn’t avoid. Not all love stories go the same way, and ours was about to take a turn neither one of us could have foreseen. All I could do was stand by and watch as my world fell apart for a second time.

I knew there had been life before Alex Law.

I just had to figure out if there was life after him…

That beautiful, tragic first love of mine.

- Natalie Vincent.

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