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Book Review: Adventurous Proposal by Laura Barnard


Adventurous Proposal 

by Laura Barnard



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After a string of bad dates, Florence Gray is so over online dating. So much so, that if she has to survive another guy standing her up she might just do something crazy ... like accept the first proposal she gets. 

So when she finds herself alone in the bar, again, Florence can hardly believe her eyes-or ears-when Hugh Humphreys swoops in and presents her with a proposal so adventurous she can't believe she's actually considering saying yes. 

Because, after all, twenty-five days to plan a wedding is some feat and that’s while getting to know your fiancée, their disapproving Mother and dealing with a jealous ex. Throw in the small matter of where they should live and you have Florence wondering what the hell she's gotten herself into. 

Can you really countdown to a wedding like an advent calendar? Fall in love with a stranger and make them your husband? Because if she's going to make it down the aisle Christmas morning, Florence has to find out and fast.      

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My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Because a man ages like a fine wine, he just gets better.  A woman is like a loaf of bread – we just start going off.   

She leans in to kiss me on the cheek, her scent invading my nostrils.  So, this is what pure evil smells like.   

She throws back her head in a totally ridiculous over the top posh laugh.  Imagine a horse having a panic attack, and you’re almost there.   

As long as you don’t sit on Santa’s knee and start professing that you’re a ho ho ho.

She narrows her eyes at me as if she can actually shoot out ice with them.    

My Review:

  Laura Barnard is a sure thing.  I have read four of her engaging stories so far and she has provided me with countless hours of lively and saucy amusement.  I tend to maintain a smirk and frequently chortle while indulging in her entertaining tales.  Adventurous Proposal was a quick, easy, and humorous read with bits of heart squeezing drama and steamy goodness tossed in.

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Author Bio

laura Barnard Laura Barnard lives in Hertfordshire, UK and writes romantic comedy or 'chick lit' as it's so often described. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking her body weight in tea, indulging in cupcakes the size of her face and drooling over hunks like Jamie Dornan, Ryan Gosling, and Leo Dicaprio. 

She enjoys wearing yoga pants and reading fitness magazines while sitting on the sofa eating chocolate. She's a real fan of the power nap, loves setting her friends up together and of course READING! 

She writes not to get rich or famous, but because she LOVES writing. Even if one person tells her they enjoyed her book it makes the midnight typing worth it! 

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