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Book Review: The Safe Bet by Shealy James

The Safe Bet

by Shealy James




There’s no man in the world who won’t break Reagan Anders’s heart… 

At the fragile age of eight, Reagan’s life seemed perfect. But when her beloved father abandoned their tiny family, Reagan was left emotionally scarred. 

Now in high school, not much has changed. Reagan still won’t let her guard down. Not even for her long-time friend, Brock Anderson, who has spent years pursuing Reagan, yet never tearing down her walls. 

If you push hard enough, eventually you’ll get your way... 

By graduation, Brock has finally won over Reagan’s affections. They aren’t a public item, but Brock is content just being hers, even if that means going without the official boyfriend title. 

As usual, Reagan’s fears get the better of her, and suspicions of Brock’s commitment creep in. Surviving their relationship’s tension, they make it to college together, where their game of cat and mouse takes a darker twist. 

Tragedies come in threes... 

But after a tragic car crash that kills her best friend, her mother ships her off to the one person Reagan hates more than herself. Her father. 

When she meets her brother she never knew, they immediately become friends. Years pass until one day when she meets one of her brother’s friends…Brock Anderson—and he’s on a mission to win her back. 

When Reagan and Brock are reunited, the chemistry is stronger than ever. But when uncertainty threatens their future, will Brock be the safe bet, or will he be the heartache she always feared?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“The look on my daddy’s face was like he was looking at a big hairy spider rather than his only daughter crying in the middle of Disneyland.”

“There had always been something about Adam.  I was never attracted to him, but he had a way of suckering me in.  The boy gave good woo.”

“My past is coming back to haunt me, and Casper is not a friendly ghost.”

“Oh honey, you have to find yourself a nice man.  You know, my grandson is coming to visit next week.  I can set you up if you’d like.  He’s a good-looking man, but I couldn’t tell you anything about his bedroom skills.  If it’s anything like his dancing, you’re better off looking elsewhere.”

“You know what they say about the ones that are too good-looking?  They’re anything but a safe bet, but you should never kick them out of bed.”

“I will love you with all that I am for all of my days.”

My Review:

This author is wicked.  She frustrated and fascinated me with Reagan – I wanted to throw my precious kindle – but I could not stop reading.  The story squeezed my heart, stung my eyes, constricted my lungs with anxiety, and caused my stomach to churn – but I could not stop reading.  Reagan lives a life of denial and avoidance.  She does not communicate well and tends to run away when situations get intense or overwhelming.  She is immature, cranky, snarky, difficult, petulant, lazy, angry, hostile, pedantic, selfish, insecure, and damaged.  She expects and assumes the worst, often jumping to the incorrect conclusions.  She rejects others before giving them a chance to reject her.  Yet as frustrating and difficult as she is - she is also oddly lovable. 

This second chance romance kept me on edge while it entertained and deviled me.  I was quickly hooked and was not able to put the book down for long without itching to pick it back up.  Shealy James is a gifted storyteller and I want to read her entire listing – but first I would need to restock my wine supply in preparation.   

Empress DJ

About the Author

Shealy James is Georgia native who teaches middle school math during the day and disappears into fiction at night. She is an avid reader and a writer who laughs in the face of middle school angst and welcomes humor, drama, and the all-important happy ending. Shealy is the author of the Finding Series and the Game Changers Series. Book 1 in the Game Changers Series releases August 18.

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