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Book Review: A Million Little Snowflakes by Logan Byrne

A Million Little Snowflakes 

by Logan Byrne 

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Oliver Hurst has always been abnormally normal.

His grades are horrible, his best friend just left for Utah, and he's depressed. His overly religious parents don’t help, especially since they control every facet of his life. One stupid sentence said in desperation gets Oliver tossed in an adolescent psych ward, where his depression and fears become even more of a reality.

When Oliver meets snide, tough girl Lacey Waters he doesn't think his life could get any better, that is, until she becomes the ray of sunshine he has desperately needed on his cloudiest of days.

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I picked this book up after I read Branded, I like the authors writing style and couldn't help but want more. The main reason I picked this book, was because when I was teenager I went to a therapist and was diagnosed as depressed and bi-polar (plus some other things/ not gonna talk about it). My grandmother was also a religious nut, and I was almost thrown in a psych-ward. Lucky, for me I ended up learning to hide most of my issues and thoughts, so it never came to that. So, since I was almost in the same place I felt like I could relate to the MC. Even if the MC was a boy (which was also a bonus.) 
It's not often that you can find a YA Romance in the guys povs. So when it happens, I can't help but want to grab it. I can say that if you ever go to certain churches they do have those crazy people that think depression is a demon or devil trying to attack the mind. That the easiest way to fix it is to pray. Which that is not the case, sometimes you just need professional help. Especially, if you are suicidal.
I connected and fell in love with the main characters. I was happy to see that they were able to get help and get better. Now I have to be honest with you, the ending of this book made me cry. I was so upset.  The only reason it did not get 5 stars, was because I felt like it was set at a slow pace. 

Warning: This book is a dark romance. Suicide is mentioned in this book, along with one of the character does kill themselves. If you are having your own issues, don't read this book. It has a sad ending and I would hate for you to get upset over it.

Zara Lethallan

About the Author:

Logan Byrne is an author of young adult fiction. He currently resides in Northern Illinois, though has aspirations to move to a large city, one where most of his stories take place.

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