Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Book Review: Banded by Logan Byrne


by Logan Byrne 


In dystopian Manhattan, society is divided into six zones, with each one representing a citizen’s benefit to society: Stalwart (strength), Astute (intelligence), Collusive (greed), Radiant (beauty), Quixotic (no life direction), and the Altruistic (willingness to help others). On a citizen’s sixteenth birthday, a computer suggests a new zone for them based on their inherent benefit to society. When Kalenna Slater is sorted out of her home zone Quixotic and into Altruistic, she thinks things can’t get worse. Life looks dismal until she meets Gavin, a boy also just sorted into Altruistic who becomes the light needed on her cloudy days.

During sorting she receives a device known as ‘The Band’. It’s a large watch-like device that never comes off, and it measures a citizen’s karma on a scale from one to one hundred. If a citizen does good, they gain points. If a citizen does bad, including breaking laws, they lose points. When your number reaches zero, the band acts as judge, jury, and executioner, and you are injected with toxins that kill you within minutes.

After sorting, recruits are taken to a three month long mandatory school named HQ. It’s at HQ she meets new friends from different zones, and finally begins to feel at ease. Everything goes well until a rare trip home makes her discover that her father, who has been missing for a decade, may have taken part in a terrible program that stands to shake the fabric of society.

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My Review:

I am sure you can read the other reviews left on this book, and we all have come to an agreement that this book could be Divergent's cousin. If you ever wanted to read that book and could never get you hands on it, then you should pick up this book up and read it. 

To be completely honest, I kinda liked this book more then Divergent. I really loved the plot, the only thing that is similar to Divergent is the sections and how you are split up. The main plot and the way they are divided are completely different, plus they are taught everything. The students in HQ are well rounded, they learn about all jobs and are taught how to defend themselves. The government is corrupt and needs to be put to an end. The main character (Kal) is not like the other students. She see the issues that the society has, and is not easily convinced that everything is perfect and that there is no error in their ways. 

Didn't like that it ended in a cliffhanger, but I loved this book. Since I loved it so much I got another book from the same author to read. The author does great writing YA and there a a bunch of details and emotions tied into the story.

 Zara Lethallan

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