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Book Review, Giveaway: Passion in Paradise Duo by Sarah O'Rourke

Title: Passion in Paradise Duo
Novels Included: Cain's Salvation & Hard as Stone 
Series: The Men of the McKinnon Sisters
Author: Sarah O'Rourke 
Genre: Erotic Romance Suspense
Published: September 22, 2015

In the small, sleepy Southern town of Paradise, not everything is as it seems. Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the tiny country town seems like it would be the perfect spot to raise a family, build a life and enjoy living in what most natives call ‘God’s Country’. What no one seems to realize is that there are secrets hiding in the families of this quaint little community – especially the McKinnon clan. 
And everyone knows, in a family, secrets never stay secret for long. 



“Another Hit, if you love romance and action this book is for you. As a Wife of a U.S.Marine veteran I highly recommend this book. LOVE LOVED IT. I ALWAYS LOVE THIS AMAZING AUTHOR!!!” ~ Cain’s Salvation from an Amazon Reviewer
“To wrap this up before I get to chatty... this was 153 (Kindle version) pages long and I'm fairly certain if I was left alone with no interruptions I would have finished this in one afternoon. The pacing if ideal, the tale was effortless to read, and the anxiety build up to the climax was superb! Can't wait to find out who the next book is about!” ~ Cain’s Salvation from Rough Draft Book Blog



“LOVED this book! LOVED the first book and this one was even better! Jake was this bad-ass that flew into town like he was going to turn everything upside down. It was so good to see what a good woman could finally do to him. A man that looked to have no heart at all…..
This series is one to read! One to put on your TBR and to continue to follow.. Sarah is an amazing author! And I am so glad I had a chance to read this!! Thank you Sarah! <3 I cannot wait to read the next book in this series!” ~ Hard as Stone from Book Worms
“So I finished reading Hard as Stone yesterday and I have to say... Wow! Just wow! I thought Cain's Salvation was good, but the McKinnon sisters and their men kept me on the edge of my seat and my face shoved in my kindle for two days. I absolutely love this series and I can't WAIT for Ready, Willing, and Abel….” ~Hard as Stone from Amazon Reviewer

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Cain’s Salvation

“Hearing Honor curse was sort of like watching Santa smoke weed.  It was just wrong.”

“He’d lost so much weight that not even the beer he drank like it was the fifth food group had made a dent.”

“He guessed she was plotting fifty ways to kill him and make it look like an accident.  That’s how this sister worked.  She was vengeful.  Oh, she was syrupy sweet on the outside, but Patience had a core of pure fire.”

“Because I swear by everything that I hold dear, there’s gonna be either a wedding or a funeral.  Since I’m a generous Christian woman, I’ll let you decide which one you want.”

 Hard as Stone:

“Have you seen the ass on that man?  You could bounce a quarter off him and make yourself fifty cents!”

“Jacob Stone was YUMMY with extra emphasis place on the YUM.  Completely freaking edible, her libido sang joyously as her girly parts did a happy little dance beneath her dress.”

“Still spry at 71, her aunt could still do many things, but coordinating an outfit wasn’t among them.  Eying the old woman’s orange skirt and purple shirt only reinforced what she already knew.  If she wasn’t careful, she was gonna walk out of this room dressed like a clown on crack.”

“That woman could remove a man’s jewels with a butter knife and a can-do attitude.”

My Review:

Cain’s Salvation is an excellent second chance romance that is smokin’ hot, contemporary, and right on point with the current difficulties our returning troops are encountering with PTSD.  Both stories are well written, steamy, and poignant.  I could not put them down and finished them in a day.  Having grown up in a small town, these people seemed familiar and real to me.  And while I could do without having her meddlesome and bossy sisters in my life, I do wish I had an Auntie Orla, she sounds like fun.  Hard as Stone continued from Cain’s Salvation and was much the same but even more… more intense, more back stories, more family history, more sex, more passion, more humor, more of everything - and all so very good!  Holy hotness!  I cannot wait to see what they do with Abel.   

Empress DJ

Sarah O'Rourke is the alter ego of two best friends who have taken their passion for romantic fiction and erotica to the publishing world. Born and raised in the southern United States, one lives near Louisville, KY, while the other resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Neither is ever very far from a tall glass of sweet iced tea, their dog-eared copies of Gone With the Wind, or their Steel Magnolias DVDs!

Formerly an accountant and a chemist, they are now overworked, stay-at-home moms who adore their children, their husbands...and writing about love in every way possible!

Ready, Willing and Abel (Passion in Paradise #3)


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