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Blog Tour, Review, Giveaway: The Rebound List by Hedonist Six


The Rebound List

Publication Date: July 28, 2014

Tour: The Rebound List by Hedonist Six

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Synopsis: After nearly four years with Jeff, everything fell apart. I found myself single, scared, but somehow liberated as well. Rather than stumble into another ill advised relationship, my best friend Sally helped me find focus. I would spend the next few months “finding myself” sexually. That’s how The Rebound List was born. My journey begins with the first item on my list - a virgin. But it's not easy to go from squeaky-clean committed girlfriend to wanton sex goddess. Hopefully I'll have the guts to follow through! What (or whom) would you do to celebrate your freedom after your first serious relationship breaks down?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“During this first, careful kiss, a switch flips in us.  A fuse blows.  This was a daft idea, and a moment of genius at the same time.”

“I try to give the door and might slam but it’s one of those dampened affairs they favor in public places.  It’s very unsatisfying.”  

My Review:

What fun!  I loved her humor and either giggled or smiled the entire time I was reading.  For the most part, this story actually sounds believable.  Our heroine is a bit of bumbling mess, but a good person that is going through a rocky period.  When she discovers her long-term boyfriend has been communicating with his ex, she finds it a convenience excuse to end her lack luster relationship, and along with the urging of her more adventuresome friend, concocts a plan of discovery and exploration with her new found freedom.   After narrowing down her list of desired experiences, she sets out on her undertaking with hilarious yet steamy and mostly satisfying results.  Although she is also racked with guilt and self-doubt as she is inexperienced, anxious, and lacks social finesse.  A quick and enjoyable read, and perfect for when you find yourself in need of a pleasant distraction.  This was a delight!

Empress DJ

About the Author: Hedonist Six is an author of Erotic Romance based in London. Nobody’s perfect, neither are her characters, which makes them all the more relatable and well-liked by her fans. Reviewers have described her debut novel Just Another Day at the Office as heart-felt and unique within the genre.

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