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Blog Review Tour Front & Center - A.M. Madden

Series: The Back-Up Series
Author: A.M. Madden

Book: Front & Center

Warning: This book is meant for mature readers who are 18+. It contains explicit language, and graphic sexual content. 

Jack was a rock star on the way to fame. Leila was following her dream and joining his band as a back-up singer. An insane attraction sparked between them that they couldn’t deny. Attraction quickly led to so much more. They ignored all the warnings and fell in love. 

When the couple embark on their tour, they couldn’t be more excited to travel the country hand in hand on the way to stardom. The road ahead is filled with miles and miles of possibilities. Along with their band, Devil’s Lair, they feel nothing could stop them. 

An angry ex-band-mate, a pregnant ex-girlfriend, and never-ending Internet gossip all attempt to wreak havoc on their developing relationship. New love does not mix well with stress, pressure and guilt. Together they face each and every challenge, stubbornly fighting for what they have. Will their determination be enough?


Holy mother of hotness! I am ruined! This book is so hot - it is incendiary. I feel lucky my tablet didn't melt - either from the sparks generated by the marvelous and scintillating words, or the heat from my hot little hands from gripping it so tightly. Once I started reading, I never wanted to put it down - but must admit to frequently needing to catch my breath and get a drink of cool water, and ummm… occasionally change my clothes. My - oh - my! This got my heart racing faster than a stair climber on a steep incline. I wonder if I could possibly replace my gym workouts with reading A.M. Madden books? 

I must have been living under a rock at the time, but I had not read the first of the series entitled Back-Up, before I picked up this book to review. That did not prove to be a problem as although it might have been a bit easier to start off, this book was able to stand on it's own as the continuing connections were generally well explained. I am astounded to think this is only her second book- it was flawless. But be warned - this is adult material - not for anyone under 18, hmm, maybe we should make that no one under 21, or 25? The male lead (Jack Lair) is a rock star in every sense of the word - and has an apparently unquenchable libido. I imagine any male would feel inadequate reading this story… If Jack Lair were a real person, I imagine he would be in a constant state of dehydration. 

The story has lots and lots and lots of sex, hot sex, but sweet hot sex as they are deeply and profoundly in love with each other, which makes it all right doesn't it? There is also humor, conflict, rock and roll, and drama. At one point Jack asks something about when did his life became a soap opera ;) No spoilers here - I don't do that. Buy the book; buy all the books, I see there is one more currently in the works. Buy them all and get extra sets for your girlfriends - then you can sit together, sip wine, and fan yourselves as you read and swoon over Jack. That is what I plan to do anyway ;)

Empress DJ

Favorite Quotes:

"We sway to the music wordlessly. There isn't a reason to talk. We both know what the other is thinking. We both know what the other is feeling. We are two halves of one heart. As we cling to each other, I catalog the feel of her in my arms. I want to commit to memory the way her body fits up perfectly against mine. The way her hair feels like silk against my cheek. The way her skin feels against my fingers as I grip her waist beneath her shirt. The way the gold flecks in her eyes glisten when she looks up at me through unshed tears."

"Words cannot begin to describe the connection I feel towards her. There isn't one single suitable word. The closest I can come up with is severe, consuming, crushing, and maybe fierce? But even combined, they are still lacking." 

"Leila, I love you so much that it's sometimes hard for me to breathe. You have changed my life. You have altered every cell in my body. You completely own me. By simply staring into my eyes, you can bring me to my knees. I want you to know, I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I will laugh with you, I will cry with you, I will keep you safe. I will remind you how much I love you every day for the rest of our lives."

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