Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vengeance - Kelly Carrero Review

Series: Evolution
Book: Vengeance
Author: Kelly Carrero
Published: August 2013

Book Synopsis: 
Life doesn’t always work out the way you want. People deceive you and take things from you. But when someone takes the one thing most precious to you, how do you ever get past it?

The last few months have been a build-up to the moment when Jade will face off with her tormentor. Life will never be the same, and Jade knows it. 

Can she work out a way to get it all back, or will she be damned to live an eternity where trust will always elude her?

Book Review
I have waited for this book to hit the market since i finished book 3, and the moment I heard that it was available on Amazon I had my kindle at my side and bought it. In no time flat I finished this book, completely lost in the words Kelly has put together to make such an amazing book! Our favorite characters are back and better than ever. No matter how hard it is, they are facing their challenges head on to live for a better tomorrow, or just to even live tomorrow. As drama unfurls and truths are made known to Jade, everything she knows and believes to be the truth is put to the test. My heart pounded, my temper flared, I felt anguish, relief, and so many emotions with our characters as I turned every page. The ending was definitely a surprise to me, I won't say what it is though; wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Kelly has outdone herself in this installment of the evolution series, with a perfect ending I am sure none of us saw coming. With plot twists at every twist and turn, you will not become bored and you turn the pages.

Favorite Quotes:
"'Don't be silly,' she said waving me off. 'You know I love to do these sorts of things.'
'You?' Aiden asked. 'Don't you mean Bernard?'
'But I'll be helping him,' Anna said."

"'We have to go to the hospital.'
'I know' he replied, making no attempt to move. He kept playing with my hair.
'We should probably get out of bed soon.'
'I know.'"

"'So you'll help me do it?'
He shook his head. 'I didn't say that.'
'What are you saying then?'
Harry swung his legs off the side of the bed. 'I'm saying that your mum would probably have my arse if I helped you.'
I took a step forward. 'I don't care what Mum says. Marie's in the hospital because of me, and if there's a way I can fix her, then I want to do it.'
A smile slowly spread across his face. 'You're lucky I don't care for my arse then, aren't you?'"

"Even if I wasn't the one getting jabbed, I couldn't stand to look at it. I turned my head so I couldn't see it and closed my eyes to be on the safe side. 'You really are a wimp, aren't you?' Harry said with a laugh.
'Pathetic and proud.'"

All In All:
Like I said before I have been waiting (somewhat) patiently for this book and I was most definitely not disappointed  It was everything that I wanted and more. I highly encourage you to check out the whole series if you haven't already. This isn't your average young adult book and I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I did. 

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Email: kelly.carrero@live.com

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