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The Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn Review

Book: The Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn
Author: Sharon Gerlach
Series: Harper & Lyttle
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Women's Literature, Thriller, Suspense, Drama, Humor
Release Date: July 30th, 2011

Book synopsis:
“Sarah-Jane Quinn has many secret dreams: to own the bed-and-breakfast inn where she stayed as a child; to finally capture the elusive Coleridge “Collie” Tate, on whom she has an enormous crush; and most importantly, to be someone’s top priority for once in her life.
But Collie is a single father with a potential custody battle on his hands, and Sarah ranks roughly Number 917 on his list of concerns. So when Gus Haldemann, the sophisticated director of Human Resources, shows a marked interest in her, she finds it not only flattering (and mystifying), but decidedly tempting and irresistible.
And then Sarah is brutally attacked by a violent stalker. In the aftermath, she must re-evaluate her priorities and decide which man reaches deepest into her heart – and let the other go forever.”

Book Review:
I think out of all the books I have read, this is my favorite book ever. I reread it at least once a month and every time it feels like I am reading it for the first time. This book is extremely well written, with love, loss, drama, pain, an almost rape and a hot German guy. What more could you ask for? The characters are so easy to get to know right off the bat, as Sharon creates lovable people with lessons to learn that shall be cherished long after the final pages of the work has been turned. Our protagonist Sarah-Jane never seems to catch a break (I know exactly how you feel Sarah) which makes for a work filled with sadness and laughter. Every new chapter holds something new, with little twists and turns that you didn't see coming (well I didn't see them anyway). You can also see that though mixing work and love aren't exactly the best combination but when you work hard enough I guarantee you you will have a (insert favorite dessert here) that will make your mouth water for more. I seem to be babbling for some time now but it is only because I am having trouble placing the feelings I have about this book into readable words.

Favorite quotes:

"Morning breaks (don't expect me to fix it)

“she said she could deal with the surprise of learning her boyfriend likes to cross-dress, but no-one—stress, no one—wears her undies.”

“I think there should be a federal investigation into dentists. They’re the sadists of the civilized world, and they not only go entirely unpunished, they get paid for inflicting abject pain and misery on people.”

“I’m starting to wonder if Cupid didn't hit me in the same damn place he hit Gretchen. What can you expect from a freaking naked cherub who flies around shooting arrows at people, anyway? A menace to society, if you ask me”

“I want to set the record straight right here and now: pregnant women in labor are not cute. They are not radiant and peaceful and serene. Once the contractions start, they turn into demon-possessed, sweaty little dictators with all the self-control of a willful five-year-old”

All In All: 
There is a reason this is probably one of my favorite books I have ever read. You will feel as the characters feel and fall in love with them as I did as you watch them grow with each turn of the page. I strongly encourage you to grab a copy of it! When I bought it it was free so maybe you'll get lucky too. This was defiantly a great book for the price and I have a pretty good feeling you won't be disappointed.

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