Saturday, March 9, 2013

School Confiscates Cupcakes From Young Boy

     You read the title of this post correctly sadly. Due to the mass gun hysteria since the horrible murders that took place at Sandy Hook elementary, guns in schools are a real fear for many adults. Even if they are just toy soldiers. Recently a 3rd grader, in a small town in Michigan, lost his batch of home made cookies, which he adorned with toy soldiers that represented soldiers of WWII.
The principle said the young man was being insensitive in light of the events of Sandy Hook.

    While the boys father says he is disgusted that "they lump true American heroes with psychopathic killers".
When the mother brought the cupcakes to the school and delivered them to the office, there were no reported problems and it was said that the secretary even commented favorably on them. However, not long after the school called the mother and told her the cupcakes could not be served due to the fact the soldiers had guns, where she remarked that they should just remove the soldiers and still serve them.

     This has not been the first over exaggeration over things like this, why even a little kinder gardener was suspended for saying she was going to shoot another classmate with a hello kitty gun that fired bubbles, and called her threat to be terrorist like.
I just have some little things to say about this. First of all, really a kinder gardener? I think people should take a step back and realize that they are taking things to far now. It was a bubble gun, I used to play with those kinds of things when I was younger. Little incidents are being blown out of proportion in schools everywhere in a failed attempt to make things safer. Why would serving cupcakes with soldiers used to represent fighters i WWII be confiscated? The father was correct, these people are so blinded by their fears of another incident such as Sandy Hook taking place that they are overreacting to the smallest things. There is a big difference from those who fought to save lives with those guns and those who use them to cause harm to others with no politically correct reason, or any sound reason at all. The other day I wore a shirt with guns on it to school, and that was after thinking about it extremely hard because I didn't want it to appear like I supported gun violence. Must we live in a world of fear where kids cannot even play with Nerf guns and water guns and bubble guns and all different harmless types. If they were such a problem then I think we would have a lot more killers in the world because when I was younger tons of kids played with them, and my parents generation and the generation before that and it goes on and on. I think the world needs to take a calming breath for a moment before some other child is degraded for something so simple to commemorate soldiers of WWII. How would you feel if I took your cupcakes away?

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