Thursday, April 4, 2013

Power In Music --> Five Finger Death Punch Coming Down

Sorry I disappeared for a while guys! I have been so busy and stressed that I haven't been able to think of anything good for me to post. So I wanted to talk about this song that one of my friends had me listen to. It wasn't just the song that really got to me, but it was the video that ties it together. I literally had to try so hard not to cry, I have never tried to do that as hard as I did when I finished this video. I have put the video down below for you to take a look at. This song really knows how to hit home though. We see two teenagers (assume they are teens), whom are struggling with the world. With bullies, with life, with everything in their world seeming to fall down and they just can't take it anymore. In the end, we can see that sometimes it just takes one person to change the course of life. Pass this song and video on, it will cause pain in people at first but once the message gets out we could be able to save a life.

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