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Book Review: Legacy of Freedom by Deanndra Hall

Legacy of Freedom

by Deanndra Hall

School’s over, and Hunter McCoy has a request of his newly-found dad. He wants to work for Citadel Security for the summer. With Jack Crismon as a grandfather, he’s decided he might want to look at criminal justice instead of a law degree, and getting a little hands-on experience is the only way he’ll know what he should do.

But the benign job Steve gives him as a bodyguard for an old business contact, Burton Calvert, turns out to be a horrible mistake when it’s discovered that the guy is in cahoots with the infamous criminal Crismon. Worse yet, Calvert keeps a stable of barely-legal young men captive for use by his business associates. He couldn’t have known that Hunter was gay. No one did. And to Hunter’s horror, one of the slaves the criminal offers to his accomplices is the young McCoy’s dream come true. They fall helplessly and hopelessly in love, only to find that things are much worse than they first appeared and everyone’s lives are in danger.

It only takes one massacre for Hunter to know he has to do something drastic. But what? As things deteriorate, danger gets ever closer until one fateful night when everything is on the line. It could all go up in smoke with one big bang, and the only ally Hunter can rely on is an enemy. It’s time to trust someone. All Hunter can do is hope that when he makes the choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, he chooses wisely.

Otherwise, everyone will die.

The second book in the Legacy series and the tenth in the Love Under Construction saga, A Legacy of Freedom is Hunter’s story, a story of imprisonment, sometimes at our own hands, and the courage it takes to break free. Sometimes, the worst prison we can inhabit is the one we make for ourselves.

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Favorite Quotes:

“Do I type? Like the wind! I could type circles around most anyone! And my handwriting is very pretty too,” Jeffrey said with a proud smile. “Plus I can file very well, as long as I can hum the alphabet song. A lot of people have to do that,” he threw in.

I love you more than all the shoes in Ru Paul’s closet.

My Review:

Legacy of Freedom was an intriguing and engaging story that crossed several genres.  Although it was listed as gay and M/M romance, that element was not the primary focus as the main story revolved around a provoking and suspense filled mystery involving a brutal crime ring, various levels of stolen merchandise, forced sex trade, and murder.  In addition to the suspense, toss in amusing humor, the sweet and touching blossoming M/M romance, and a large and boisterous family full of their own unusual and unique dramas.  The criminal thread was well devised, complicated, and multifaceted with far reaching tentacles and cringe-worthy characters and scenarios.  

Empress DJ

About The Author

International Bestselling Author Deanndra Hall lives in far western Kentucky with her partner of 30+ years and three crazy little dogs. She spent years writing advertising copy, marketing materials, educational texts, and business correspondence, and designing business forms and doing graphics design. After reading a very popular erotic romance book, her partner said, “You can write better than this!” She decided to try her hand at a novel. In the process, she fell in love with her funny, smart, loving, sexy characters and the things they got into, and the novel became the Love Under Construction series.

Deanndra enjoys all kinds of music, kayaking, working out at the local gym, reading, and spending time with friends and family. And chocolate’s always high on her list of favorite things!

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