Sunday, October 2, 2016

Book Review: THE REGULARS by Georgia Clark

by Georgia Clark

A fierce and feisty debut with a magical twist about three ordinary, regular girls who suddenly have their fantasies come true... or do they?

Best friends Evie, Krista, and Willow are just trying to make it through their mid-twenties in New York. 

They’re regular girls, with average looks and typical quarter-life crises: making it up the corporate ladder, making sense of online dating, and making rent.

Until they come across Pretty, a magic tincture that makes them, well... gorgeous. Like, supermodel gorgeous. And it’s certainly not their fault if the sudden gift of beauty causes unexpected doors to open for them.

But there’s a dark side to Pretty, too, and as the gloss fades for these modern-day Cinderellas, there’s just one question left:What would you sacrifice to be Pretty?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

  An hour of small talk with someone you'd think twice about saving from a burning building. Online dating was like Russian roulette. Mostly misses. But sometimes, people Evie knew had met that all-too-rare bullet: a smart, aesthetically pleasing New Yorker who was still single. Maybe tonight, Evie thought, is the night I blow my brains out.  

There was something distinctly ethereal about Willow Hendriksen, like she might transform into a flock of birds if you snapped your fingers.  

Her previously nonfunctioning brain had been working overtime to answer the endlessly cycling questions: how, how, how?   

By the time exhaustion finally won, the answer lay somewhere between military-grade nanotechnology and magic beans.  

Krista's hangover was a vicious, circling thing: giant birds of prey pick-pick-picking over a rotten carcass in some far-off desert.   Rogue eyeliner turned her into a sexy zombie.    

My Review:

  I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this book but I captivated by this highly amusing, addictive, and cleverly written tale. It was utterly delightful and wickedly funny.   I often smirked, snorted, and barked aloud at the witty observations and dialogue. The plot reminded me of a younger and edgier version of the Goldie Hawn/Merle Streep movie Death Becomes Her, although this story has three separate plot threads from three different women experiencing their own complications and reactions to "The Pretty" a magical elixir that transforms the user into a total babe for a week. Powerful stuff as the transformation only requires a drop and comes with the complete and dramatic evacuation of body fluids - smirk. The three young women find themselves affected in more than just the physical sense, as their beauty impacts their emotions, personalities, and world-view. Three heavy orders of narcissism were dished out and I could just imagine all the shoving and elbowing for mirror time. The storyline was topical, fresh, eventful, and irreverent. I adored Ms. Clark's humor, insightfulness, and deft word-craft.   I have a shiny new name to add to my list of talented authors to fangirl.

Empress DJ

About the Author

I'm a Brooklyn-based novelist with a weakness for cute girls and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I love improv, OITNB, rosé Sundays, New York, beach days, sleeping in and fun snacks. 


I'm originally from Australia, and have been living in New York for 7.5 wonderful years. 

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