Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review: On Being A First Mistress by J.I. Hatfield

On Being A First Mistress

by J.I. Hatfield

Ella Makenzie, born in the age of the millennial when anything seemed possible, when we could all live our dreams, found herself systematically disillusioned and filled with frustrated dreams. What is a girl to do when the life you thought the world was offering you is not laid at your feet? You find a way, you change and you evolve. These are the principles that Ella uses to carve out her place for ten years in the city of New York. What Ella does not know is that all of her careful work is about to be shattered by the entrance of a cast of new friends and lovers and ghosts from her past, who threaten her future.

Now, Ella suffers the never-ending headache of being the mentor to a stubborn younger woman, Jenny, who refuses to listen to Ella’s years of experience. She meets the mysterious Mr. Wall Street, who makes her shiver with the thrill of a new romance. She is reunited with her old mentor, Moira, the grand dame of Mistresses Inc., the brand that has kept her neck high in Gucci and high rises for the past four decades, who will stop at nothing to drag Ella back into her dangerous and lethal game of high living. An older gentleman, Mr. Oliver Martin represents the comforts that could give Ella a comfy new retirement plan. His nephew, the good doctor, Ray, may be a good friend or something more. And, finally, Ella’s former lover, the sadistic Mitchel who will not let Ella go easily. 

Join Ella and her group of eccentric fellow characters as they battle through love, heartbreak, death, friendship and much more, in a trip which will leave you breathless and asking for more. 

My Rating:

My Review:

This book is not for everyone. Take a moment and look at the title. Mistress, it means this woman has relationships with another woman's husband. If you have an issue with that, then you need to walk away.

Even though Ella was sleeping with taken men, I still enjoyed her. She was funny, outgoing, and badass. She isn't going to be someone you fuck with. This book was written in the form of a diary. I liked it a lot, mainly the character's inner struggle and the character's own development.

This story does not have your typical HEA, but will pull you in and not let you go until it's over. It was filled with many characters and a whole bunch of drama.

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