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Book Review: Fix Your Makeup by S.J. Sawyer


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Title:  Fix Your Makeup (Like A Lady: Part Three) 
Author: S. J. Sawyer 
Book Tour: August 28, August 31, & September 1, 2015 
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance 
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It’s a summer fling; just keep telling yourself that and you’ll be alright. This thing with Mason Pierce, it’s just a fling, something fun to pass the time. He’s a rebound from the disastrous breakup, a band-aid, a patch over a wound that will help the hurt heal, right? ~Red
If someone had told me two months ago that I’d be spending the summer with Red Summers in my arms, I’d have called them crazy, but here I am and here she is. Life is just about as perfect as it can be. Except, it feels like she’s pulling away instead of drawing closer. Everyday, it seems that Red is putting more and more distance between us, and I don’t understand why. ~Mason
“I’ve loved you since you were ten years old. Hell, I may have loved you before that, but I don’t remember. I’ve only ever wanted you, Red. I’m never going to want anyone else,” I vow. “Just you.”

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My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“It’s been a long damned grudge.  Congratulations on hatred well played, but let’s just put it behind us and move on.”

“How do people just know this stuff?  Like, is there a class where you can go and learn how to size people up?  Do they pull certain kids aside during school and teach them these things while the rest of us sit in history learning about Abraham Lincoln?”

“You’ve ruined me, Mason Pierce.  The way you make my heart race and my blood pound through my veins, God, I know that I’ll never feel like that again, and I’m scared.  Scared of it all.”

“You’d think I was the devil in the flesh preying upon sweet, innocent children standing here with them in all my evil glory.  If I threw fuel on the fire, they’d be trying to lessen the likelihood of me ever reproducing, and I definitely need those parts in working order for later.”

“I agree not to snatch any bacon with one hand behind my back, fingers crossed.  Southern girls should never make promises about bacon.”

“That type of story is one told around three am under the cover of darkness and a bottle of wine.  It is not for the light of day.”

My Review:

I adore this author and these characters!  I want to be twenty-years-old again and hanging out with this fresh and sassy group all summer.  I want Mary Lou to do my hair and give me a mani-pedi while Mason makes me s’mores.  And while I despise beer and country music, I would possibly go with them to their wretched honky-tonk… but just with them.  I had so many “Favorite Quotes” marked for this review… I had a hard time narrowing it down to 6! 

I have eagerly awaited each installment of this entertaining, feisty, and totally addicting tale and was happily reading along, having lost myself in the excellent story-telling… until the unthinkable happened.  NO!  Take it back!  Gasping and sputtering, I wanted to throw my precious kindle… but I love it far too much.  S.J. Sawyer is an evil temptress!  She lured me in and baited me with sweet and clever stories of young love… she had my cold heart actually beating a contented rhythm.  I was all humming and cozy, sipping my favorite libation, and then BOOM.  Gah!  

I am devastated, gutted, crushed… while also totally addicted to this story, fully invested in obtaining a HEA for the characters, and completely addled in how to get them there.  I am wanting to stomp my little foot and tantrum like a bratty two-year-old until this wicked wordsmith gives up the rest of the tale.  Exhale!  Calming.  Breaths. 

Other than a despicable cliffhanger ending, this otherwise delightful story was rich with a full gamut of feelings and heady emotional insights, all very surprising from one so young.  I want more of this sweet and tender second chance love story.  I also want more of their entertaining memories, steamy love scenes, and interesting inner musings from a dual POV narrative that plucked at my spindly heart-strings.  Exhale.  Calming.  Breaths.

Hmm, setting my wine glass down, I vowed to take action – I clicked my bracelets together, leapt into Wonder Women mode, and instantly messaged this extremely talented and clever young author - letting loose several of the nastiest invectives I know.  I doubt I was the only reader threatening her scalp that day… but um, a bit red-faced and embarrassed now.  Eh, sorry if I broke your phone and umm, hope to hear from you soon Ms. Sawyer…

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Mom always tells me that when life gives you lemons you squeeze the heck out of them and hope for some lemonade, but after catching that no-good lying, jerk of a bastard cheating on me seconds before we were supposed to be married, I do what any self-respecting Southern girl would do: throw a punch and hide under my blankie. Now, Mary Lou thinks I need a night of fun and adventure. I agree to go out, planning to get her off my back, but when I find myself in Mason Pierce’s arms, I’m thanking my lucky stars, and my best friend. ~Red
Freemont, Oklahoma, is the last place on the whole damned planet that I want to spend my summer and working on my parents’ ranch is the last thing I want to do, but damned if that’s not what I’m doing. Monroe and I need a night away from this place, a night to blow off steam. A party at the lake sounds like a mighty fine idea, and after catching a glimpse of Red Summers in the firelight, I’m quickly changing my tune. ~Mason


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I'm a twenty-something Okie girl who is mom to three, four if you count my husband. I'm a full time author/photographer, and I love to make teaser graphics to avoid actually working! I graduated from SOSU (a smaller, four-year university that is close to home) with a Bachelor's degree in English Lit and a minor in Sociology. I'm an avid reader, obviously, and a life-long writer. I love happily ever afters above all else (though, the struggle to get there is the best part!) Currently, I have two published series: Sealed and Like A Lady. Check out the first part to either series for free!
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