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New Release, Giveaway: All That Lies Broken by Lindsey Forrest

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00025]  Title: All That Lies Broken
Series: Ashmore's Folly, Book 2
Author: Lindsey Forrest 
  Genre(s): adult contemporary fiction, women's literature, romance, mystery-suspense 
  Length: 190,000 words. 
  Release Date: June 23, 2015  

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From the ashes of great tragedy rises a great love... After fourteen years, Laura and Richard now stand face to face, equals, at the same place in their lives. She is no longer that girl, separated by time and violence from the only man she has ever loved. He no longer stands alone, a young man devastated by betrayal and his own terrible folly. But the world is not so easily forgotten. Even as Richard begins to dismantle the past that blocks his future, he struggles to open his heart to the last love of his life. Laura chafes against her place on the edge of his life, wanting so much more, no longer willing to settle for less. 
"I won't be the woman you can't admit to." Enemies challenge the life they are struggling to build together. An estranged wife seeks to smash the man she hates so fiercely. A younger brother rages against the man who bested him in life and in death. 
"Something always gets broken...." Secrets unravel. A world begins to shatter when a reporter stumbles across Laura’s secret. Then a sliver of bone resurfaces in a place of great sorrow, and a ghost of a girl rises from the past….

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Please read All Who Are Lost first! Some trilogies can be read out of order -- this isn't one of them. This is not a standalone story; it picks up the day after All Who Are Lost ends.

The e-book of All Who Are Lost is ON SALE for only $0.99 through June 30, 2015! Click here!

Oh, and this one also ends on a cliffhanger! Rest assured, I am all about the HEA, and I am halfway through writing the third book. Look for it in early 2016. Need more information? Check out the full cast of characters, family trees, and maps, QR codes and links to back-story timelines and other supplemental material on!  

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Buying Links: Book 2

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Lindsey Forrest, a lead writer/editor for an international information company, writes about income tax but prefers to dream of heroes and heroines and grand romance. With the publication of her trilogy, she checks off the top entry on her bucket list. She lives in north Texas with her family and cat and has a five-year plan for becoming a full-time novelist and editor of indie fiction. When she isn't working or writing, she amuses herself with reading, needlepointing, tramping around historical sites and houses, and outbidding everyone who gets in her way on Ebay.
Visit Lindsey's web site at You can also learn more about the Ashmore's Folly Trilogy at

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