Friday, March 13, 2015

Book Review: Mismatched - Elle Casey & Amanda McKeon

Book: Mismatched
Authors: Elle Casey & Amanda McKeon

Book Synopsis:
Former college roommates Erin and Ridlee leave Boston for Ireland to track down an inheritance, and end up at a matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna.... Ridlee's a newly minted attorney, and Erin's part owner of the Pot O' Gold Pub, hoping to buy out her new, mysterious partner, some old Irish guy she'd never heard of before the reading of her late grandmother's will. It seemed like it would be an easy thing to do: show up, find the bloke, and make him an offer… But the magic that is Ireland and the people who speak the lilting Irish brogue are as unpredictable as the weather, and things get a little more complicated than the girls anticipated when the town's legendary matchmaker pulls out his leather-bound book and proposes two matches…

Book Review: 
First, I just want to say that after I finished this book I found myself talking with an Irish lilt. That's very important, considering I spent half an hour calling my sister a " wee lass". 
Mismatched is a love story filled with humor, romance, and all that legal mumbo jumbo I can't wrap my head around any way. The first lines caught my attention from the very beginning, and at times I found myself tearing through the book with a fierce need to know what happened next.  Our main characters Erin and Ridlee are a laugh riot duo with great personalities, and I found myself finding ways to connect with the two of them. Our male leads were adorable and I may have found myself crushing on them just a tad. With a very original storyline infused romance, humor, and great characters, mismatched is a great read.
However, there were times in the beginning where I found myself becoming somewhat bored since the plot hadn't really picked up, but when it did pick up I was quite pleased. I'm hoping there will be a part two, they've left me wanting more. 

Favorite Quotes: 

"THEY SAY THE GOOD DIE young. So, it’s really no surprise that my grandmother, or rather Margaret as she preferred me to call her, lived to the ripe old age of ninety-odd."

"How that man found it within his heart to ask me out when I sat across from him looking like a deranged circus clown, I’ll never know. Maybe he needs glasses. Either that or he’s the nicest man alive and I should probably propose to him before someone else snatches him up."

"I’m only staying out here for five minutes, max. My tits are freezing. My nipples are going to break right off.”

"“I guess I might be afraid that I’ll love him and he won’t love me back.” “Wouldn’t it suck worse to have him love you back and you never find out about it?”

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