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Book Review: Captive Potential by Barbara Garren

 Book: Captive Potential
Author: Barbara Garren
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Everything in Kelsi's life feels more like The End, rather than the Happily-Ever-After she anticipated with her prince, Aiden Hardt. She and Aiden are fighting. Again. His daughter Bryn wakes them screaming every night. By day Bryn is bright and bubbly, but at night her dreams are filled with a distant land, a dark-haired man, and a threat Kelsi couldn't foresee. Even her best friend Sarah is miserable.

Tossed between multiple planes of existence, Kelsi must overcome the barriers in her heart and mind to save those she loves: her friend, her lover, and the child she thinks of as her own.

Even if providing them a chance for their own Ever After spells the end for her.


“My love for Aiden is a deep, red pulse, burning with a slow and steady warmth that assuaged my loss, seeping to my very core, bleeding into every pore, every fiber of who I am, until I can’t breathe, can’t move can’t be without him near.”

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“Sometimes, just sometimes, my love for his was so fierce it hurt.  It became a physical pang, heart and lungs pressed into a space ten sizes too small, and I lost the ability to breathe.”

“And I couldn’t bear to be without you.  On this plane, in this form or any other.”

“More than anything, more than everything, the thought of being separated from Aiden frightened me.  Fear of being apart from him for any time, in any place.”

“When he stared at me like that, nothing between us, nothing hidden or chanced to the vagaries of an imperfect language, I stopped breathing, stopped thinking, stopped caring about anything but this, now, with him.”

“His voice flows like the richest wine, full and soft on the palette, relaxing, intoxicating, warming from the inside out.”

“I need him to know he is the blood running through my veins, the spark that fires my heart and the very essence that is my soul.”

My Review:

Sigh, I am not much of a paranormal reader, but I love Barbara Garren’s captivating writing.  That is all that needs to be said.  It is like she sprinkles fairy dust and enchanted words flow across my brain and weave themselves into images that squeeze my heart, sting my eyes, and steal my breath.  I recalled being smitten with the first book of this series, Infinite Potential, but due to the time lapse and my faulty memory for details, I found I needed to go back and reread the Infinite Potential to fully make sense of Captive Potential.  I was happy to do so and don’t begrudge the extra effort as the first book was pure magic and I found it even better and enjoyed it even more the second time through.  Ms. Garren has a knack for emotive scenes and kept me taut and on edge through most of Captive Potential as the main character spends a considerable amount of time confused, befuddled, or frustrated.  I was so involved with the story, I found myself experiencing the same level of consternation.  And I am more than a bit provoked by the dramatic cliffhanger ending, but will be glad to have an excuse to reread both books to refresh my memory before picking up book 3.  But I hope I don’t have to wait long. 

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I'm a writer, a reader and a frequenter of the more charming sites in town, namely pubs. I've travelled a bit. Lived a few places. Known a few men. It all ends up in a story sooner or later.
San Diego is home these days and my life is ruled by Charlie the Dog, a Valkyrie muse named Prue and a husband  who buys me scotch. What more can a girl ask for?

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