Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Book Review, Giveaway: Loving Jovie by Peggy Dabney

Book: Loving Jovie
Author: Peggy Dabney
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Art curator Jovie Iams has found the man of her dreams. Her boyfriend, Italian chef Leonardo Manning, is smart, sweet, and gentle…until he breaks up with her and leaves her emotionally devastated. As she tries to repair her broken heart, she turns to Owen Michaels, an ex-soldier from Iowa struggling to forget his past.

But Jovie can’t escape her feelings for Leo, and finds her heart trapped between the two men. As she becomes more entangled with Leo and Owen, she discovers that things are not always as they seem. One of these men has a dark secret that will turn Jovie’s world on its head, and will force her to make the ultimate choice between love and safety...

My Rating:

 Favorite Quotes:

“Her cheeks are naturally rosy, with her whiskey-colored eyes expressing a happiness that makes you instantly smile.”

“You are my whole heart.  You are my happily-ever-after, my beloved.  I will love you until the end of time and beyond.”

My Review:

This was a busy book, a lot happened in this entertaining read.  A good debut for a new author that crossed the genres of romantic suspense, new adult, contemporary romance, and also had characters who had recently return from military service.  While Loving Jovie is the first of a series, thankfully it was a complete stand-alone story without a dreadful cliffhanger, although I was growing fearful of one as I was nearing the end.  The beginning was somewhat melodramatic, although it got and held my attention.  I was undecided who to root for, as the lucky girl had two hunks vying for her attention and willing to fight for her favor.  There were also a few steamy scenes that lightened the story, and further muddled my decision on whose team to cheer for.  Some girls get all the luck, but Jovie actually had to work for hers, as like I said, it was a busy book.  

Empress DJ

Author Bio

Peggy Dabney lives in west-central Illinois with her family and rescue dog Fletcher. Besides being an avid reader, she loves football and motorcycle riding. From a very young age Peggy noticed that there are stories everywhere, and from all walks of life. She is obsessed with romance, adventure, and mystery. She tries to incorporate all of these in her writing, but always ends with an HEA (Happily Ever After).  To her there’s always a new beginning, a second chance, and a new story to be told. Love always finds its way.  
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