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Book Review: Carnal Persuasion by Ava Manello and KT Fisher

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Book: Carnal Persuasion
Series: Severed MC #4
Author: KT Fisher & Ava Manello
Genre: MC
Cover Design: Margreet Asselbergs
Cover Model: Asher Collins
Cover Photographer: Richard Hunter of RIHUPHOTO


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The fourth instalment in the Severed MC series finds Cowboy wrestling with his demons. Can he go on, or is he too broken after everything he's endured?

Meanwhile the citizens of Severed are caught up in a war, and it's down to Severed MC to try and save them.

This book is going to blow your mind.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“I’ve never been so grateful to see the end of my shift.  I’ve spent far too much of it thinking about Cowboy and what I’d like to do to him.  I hadn’t realized I was capable of such impure thoughts.  I like it.”

“Cowboy is standing there looking lost.  He’s also a little green around the gills truth be told.  ‘Go fetch some towels and hot water.’  I request.  I’ve no idea if we’ll need them or not, but it’s what they always say in the movies.”

My Review:

Being new to this series I needed to read the previous 3 installments, meaning that this review required 962 pages of reading… and worth every word.  I spent the weekend with this odd assortment of characters and found them quite entertaining.  I loved seeing the tender and loving sides to the otherwise badass bikers being exposed.  I was taught to fear this subculture as a child, and even as an adult, I had never stopped to think of the human element underneath the leather and denim until stumbling upon this genre of books in recent months.  I have enjoyed this series and found them suspenseful, sexy, and absorbing.  I cared for most of the characters and wanted them all to get their HEA – although we lost some beloved members along the way.   I am relatively new to this genre as well as these authors, but plan and hope to read more of them in the future. 

 Empress DJ


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Other books in this series:

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Carnal Desire (Severed MC#2)

Severed Justice (Severed MC#3)

About the Authors 

KT Fisher

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I love reading, it's my favourite hobby. I've always had ideas for my own books packed into my head so I thought I would write them out for people to enjoy.

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Ava Manello

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Passionate reader, blogger, publisher, and author. I love nothing more than helping other Indie authors publish their books be that reviewing, beta reading, formatting or proofreading,

I love erotic suspense that's well written and engages the reader, and I love promoting the heck out of it over on my book blog.

I'm a mother, but most of all I'm me!

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