Saturday, May 31, 2014

Book Review: Ace's Key by Abbie St. Claire - Empress DJ

Title: Ace’s Key

Author: Abbie St. Claire

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance


 Mia Kennedy is having a rough week. While attending a business conference, she comes down with the flu. When she returns to her apartment a few days early, she finds her live-in boyfriend, Connor, has female company. 

A night out with her best friends, Claire and Ashley, turns interesting. A rebound relationship isn’t what she needs or expects, but when she meets Ace, he turns her world upside down. Sex with Connor was like playing doctor. Sex with Ace blows her mind, leaving her to make bad decisions. 

Ace clearly communicates that he isn’t the relationship kind of guy, his only interest is having a good time. So why does he keep finding Mia for more? 

Mia knows that Ace is bad for her, but every time she vows to stay away from him, something always leads her right back to his bed. Can she be the key to his heart? 

My Rating:

Favorite Quote:

“I’d never hit a person before, but appreciated the things I’d learned in kick-boxing class.  And to think, I’d only taken it to help lift up my sagging ass.”

My Review:

Oh my, what a tasty little novella, it was just the thing for a naughty and delicious afternoon treat, better for me than the cheesecake I was craving earlier.  This is my first taste of Ms. St. Claire’s work and I thoroughly enjoyed the story.  Contemporary, believable, well written, hot, and entertaining.  What more can we ask for?  I seem to reading a lot of stories with Italian men lately, and it is making me crave pasta… if this yummy treat is any indication of Ms. St. Claire’s work, sign me up for the full tour.  

Empress DJ

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