Monday, March 17, 2014

Harper's Little Spitfire by Angel Steel - Empress DJ

Title: Harper's Little Spitfire

Author: Angel Steel

Genre: Adult Fiction, Erotica, Contemporary Romance


For the last 15 years, Sage Mathews has had her eye on one of the Harper brothers. Each time she came even remotely close to catching his eye, he ruined it by taking advantage of the closest woman around. Despite her many attempts of capturing his attention, she repeatedly ended up suffering from the pain yet again. Having been hurt for the last time, Sage decides to pull herself away from the bad boys of Laker.

Fate had a different plan for her… Certain surprises have drawn Sage back into the path of the Harper brothers once again, this time exposing her to their interesting...predilections. Possessing secrets of her own, she is thrown into a world she never thought possible.
One woman holds the Harper brothers' hearts in the palm of her hands, but the true bad boy for her won't allow her into his heart. Will he ever drop his guard down and finally feel the true love from a woman? Will she allow one of the Harper brothers into her heart? Or will he demolish her entirely for anyone else?

Favorite Quote:

“Every part of me has wanted you from day one.  I never understood the feelings I had, but I do now.  You are the only one I want.”

My Rating:                         

3¾ Smokin’ Stars

 My Review:

Oh my!  Simply stated… this book is about sex.  Lots and lots of sex.  They are either having sex, talking about sex, thinking about having sex, or complaining about not having sex.  And I am talking red hot firecracker sex.  I don't know how they would have the energy to get through their work days or even walk a straight line. Needless to say – I found myself gasping for breath... and must confess, while reading this story I took more than a few extra showers, and did more laundry than ever!  While I have never experimented in this fashion, the author makes their group activities seem surprisingly appealing rather than taboo.  Interesting start to a series, I wonder where she takes it from here.  

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