Monday, July 8, 2013

A Family Affair Review

A Family Affair
Book: A Family Affair
Author: Jennifer Wenn
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance

Book Synopsis:
Lady Francesca Darling has been in love with Devlin Ross, the Duke of Hereford, since she was five years old. When they meet again at her debutante ball she finds her feelings remain the same, and to her joy he is mesmerized by her. To the gossipy matrons of the ton it’s the perfect match—the richest heiress and the most eligible bachelor.

But can their budding love survive her interfering family and the deep scars from his father’s abuse? Enchanted as he is with the delightful woman Fanny has become, Devlin intends never to repeat that abuse, vowing not to live with his wife and children.

Fanny is a determined young lady — she wants Devlin and a true marriage. Is her love strong enough to tear down all his walls?

Book Review: 
I had forgotten my love for historical romance before finding this book, and I am so pleased with it! What book would be complete without the strong headed female with enough fire and love inside of her that she could cover the entire Nile River and the some? There are so many things that I loved about this book I am not sure where I should begin, but I shall try anyway. The characters were so lovable, with their quick wit, humor, and over all charming personality. Well those, who had them anyway. Those who you knew right away you wouldn't like, well they just seemed to enjoy giving you more reasons to find them insufferable. The humor in this book had me laughing aloud (causing some looks from the people around me to be shot my way, as though they didn't think it possible for me to find enjoyment in a book.). Not only was the humor lovable, but so was the love (how terrible does that sound, meh >.<). You could feel the love, radiating and making your toes curl as you read of undeniable passion, and your heart to swell and beat faster with the characters. Of course, love has its ups and downs! I mean who wants to read a book where the biggest problem is who to court during the season, and not, oh I don't know, the abandonment of a wife and her soon to be born child. Schemes are thrown here and there, and love and will are tested as we embark on a journey to understand our characters better and yearn to know if it is possible to tear down the walls one has placed around themselves since the beginning of their existence  all because of the prospect of something as wonderful as love.

The Bad:
The one real problem that I had with this book was the ending. I felt as though were was just too many things left for me to wonder, and since I have heard nothing about a sequel of some sort I am quite upset by this (See my upset face -.-). I hate it when I am left with new questions and I would very much like for them to be answered! This is my only quarrel with this book. 

Favorite Quotes:

"'I will give you some advice,' Fanny said, giving him her most innocent smile. 'I is really hart to meet good friends when one is hiding in the shadows of the balcony'"

"Devlin couldn't hold back a chuckle. 'How can you be so sure that I love you?' 'How can you not?' she rolled her eyes"

All In All:
This was a fantastic book! The plot, the characters, the love, loss, pain, and just everything about life that we know is out there is blended into the pages almost seamlessly as though they were born there. I have no idea what more I can say about this book? Why are you still sitting here! Go and get it,you will not be disappointed!

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