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Stalk Me - Jillian Dodd Review

Book Series:  The Keatyn Chronicles #1
Book: Stalk Me
Author: Jillian Dodd
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Mystery , Suspense, High school

Book SynopsisKeatyn has everything she ever dreamed. Her life is following the script she wrote for the perfect high school experience. She's popular, goes to the best parties, dates the hottest guy, and sits at the most-coveted lunch table. 

She's just not sure she wants it anymore.

Because, really, things aren't all that perfect.
Her best friend is threatening to tell everyone her perfect relationship is a scam. 
Her perfect boyfriend gets drunk at every party they go to. 
It's exhausting always trying to look and act perfect.
And, deep down, she isn't sure if she has any true friends. 

To add to the drama, her movie star mom has a creepy stalker. 
A hot, older man flirts with her and tells her they should make a movie together.
And she's crushing on an adorable surfer. Dating him would mean committing social suicide.

So she writes a new script. One where all the pieces of her life will come together in perfect harmony. 
But little does she know, there's someone who will do anything to make sure that doesn't happen.

Book Review: 
Let me be honest here with you. This book was very gripping for me, I couldn't put it down. The main character represents a part of most everyone. We have all faced the problem at one point or another of being who we really are, but being caught up in another world where we have to act and be the way everyone expects us to be. That is one of the things I loved about this book. The main character faced problems that were easily relate able to. This book was a lot better than I thought it would be. It was thrilling, there was humor, and tears, one crazy high school year that I would hope never happens to me.  

The characters were fun to get to know, even the adults. Keatyn's mother and soon to be step father were a laugh riot to have around, being the cool parents I know we all wished that we had around. We also have the best friends who aren't really very good friends because they only like on side of our protagonist and put way too much time into thinking about their status in life. Then we have the friends who see that other side, and those few people who see both sides and love them both because of who they are attached to. Yup, we have them in this book. 

Then what book would be complete without some guy who is off of his rocker, a creepy little stalker (oh look I rhymed! You see what I did there, rocker, stalker, get it? No, well that's okay). Like I said before one of things I really enjoyed about the book was the ability that it had in keeping me on my toes. It didn't just stay sad for too long, way too happy. No, you had to be able to expect the unexpected and that I did.

The Bad:
Personally, I felt there was a little too much focus on sexual activity in the book. For those of who find this kind of stuff uncomfortable, don't worry there are no gory details, it's mostly just like "Hey, we had sex yum yum" (okay so the yum yum was me, bite me for it). I know it helps play important parts in the book but I just felt the main character focused a little too much on the under the sheets play, but hey you know what it didn't detract too much from the book.

Favorite Quote(s): 
"'I think it was Betsey Johnson that said women dress for other women. If we dressed for men, we'd all run around naked.'"

"Damn Disney, and all their happily-ever-after, unrealistic, bullshit stories"

All In All: 
I really found this book to be very enjoyable. There were so many elements in this book that I know a lot of people look for when judging how good a book is and I found many of my personal aspects in here. This book gets 5 stars! The best part is this book is free! So what are you waiting for? Go and grab it!

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