Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Deadly Sister Review

Book Series: Sandy Reid Mysteries
Book: One Deadly Sister
Author: Rod Hoisington
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Book Synopsis: 
She doesn't carry a gun, but then neither does a pit bull. 
An almost-too-clever young law student in Philadelphia gets a life-or-death call from her estranged brother who just moved to Florida--she tells him to go to hell. She doesn't need this. She's holding an old grudge and resents having her life interrupted.

The brother doesn't come looking for trouble, he simply wants to get passed his Philadelphia divorce and start a new life in Florida, but woman-trouble comes looking for him. 
Unfortunately, he arrives in the small Florida ocean side town just as someone murders the local gubernatorial candidate. The brother doesn't have a clue about women and gets seduced and framed.The brother hasn't bothered with his estranged sister up north for years, but now as a stranger in a hostile town she's his only hope. She reluctantly decides to at least check out her brother's predicament in Florida.This small step leads the sister into an ever-increasing entanglement of deceit, double-cross, and danger, as she can't leave well-enough alone and goes after the real killer in this exciting mystery.

Book Review:
I have always loved a good murder mystery, or a mystery in general. I had engrossed myself in Nancy Drew books in my younger years, a long with the Hardy Boys and such books in the general genre. I can honestly tell you this book has somewhat disappointed me. One Deadly Sister has kept me on my toes since beginning the book, with plot twists and turns around ever corner. At first glance at the cover and the title, you would think this follows the story of a sister who has gone wild and killed someone or more than one person. After reading the blurb, you know it's different, and once you start reading this book you definitely know how deadly this sister is. She is sharp on her toes, a real lovable character who drips sass and confidence, not allowing anyone to talk over her or take her brother from her either. 

The bad:
There were times that the book took predictable turns, and characters became too confusing for me to follow with clearly. There were other times that the plot became so unpredictable I really had no idea what was going on, even after re-reading it once or twice. I would then move on to the next part in hopes it would all piece itself together. Sometimes it did but not all the time. The only character that you really get to know is Sandy. It was hard for me to make a connection with the rest of the characters, even Sandy's brother whom we meet first in the story. I believe that this book would have been more enjoyable if there was some sort of stronger connection that was worked on between the characters and the reader. I had seen several reviews of this book where they also told that there was no real character connection, and let's be honest it is one of the most important parts of a book. Would anyone have really loved Harry Potter if we didn't get some sort of connection to him, some way to understand him and fall in love with him and feel his pain and triumph? If you are sitting there nodding your head yes please stop lying to yourself.

All In All: 
This is an okay book, not something I would tell everyone I meet to rush out and buy because I have read better. There are some good aspects to this book though so do not allow for this review to discourage you from getting it because I am pretty sure it is still free to purchase on things like your kindle, nook, iBooks, etc. This book just didn't do a lot for me like i had hoped it would.

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