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Book Review: Girl In The Mirror by Elizabeth Reyes

Girl In The Mirror

by Elizabeth Reyes


Releasing 3/10/2017 


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A girl without a past. 

Margaret Hellman awoke in a hospital with no memory of the horrific accident that claimed the lives of her sister and their best friend. 

After years of struggling to regain a fraction of her memories, Maggie is left with no choice but to accept her past is gone. 

Despite the tormenting void in her heart. 

Then the triggers start. 

Tiny indiscernible but profoundly emotional glimpses of her past. 

The day she meets him, at her sister's graveside sets off the most explosive trigger to date. 

It's so overwhelming Maggie's convinced she's supposed to remember—she needs to. 

As the puzzling pieces of her past start to come together, it's clear something's amiss. 

But nothing can prepare her for the shocking reality of what really happened that fateful day seven years ago.

Girl in the Mirror is a psychological romantic suspense with a twist you'll NEVER see coming!

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

His entire face smiled.  It’s the only way I could explain it.  He had one of those smiles where even his eyes seemed to smile…

Even the homeless wouldn’t eat your cooking.

I’m gonna fear waking up and realizing it was just a cruel dream.  Already, I’m afraid to fall asleep… I’ll probably lie awake all night just staring at you to make sure you don’t disappear.

My Review:

Girl In The Mirror was a poignant and evocative tale with a gripping and maddeningly paced mystery.  What a nightmare to wake in a hospital with no awareness of your own identity and unable to speak to ask those brain burning questions.  Elizabeth Reyes is a crafty and sly mistress of mental manipulation; she kept me riveted to my kindle and second-guessing everything.  I developed and discarded various wild theories while I read, but could not ascertain the endgame.   I became overly suspicious of nearly everyone except for Clarisse; I adored Clarisse as her exchanges generally brought the vast majority of the book's levity.  The writing was engrossing, emotive, and cleverly lured me deeper and deeper into this intriguing and infuriatingly well-constructed plot.  It was superb!  Book hangover #2000. 

Empress DJ

Follow this link to learn about the new series –  link. While you’re looking – here are links to her latest release of Lila! 

About the Author 

Elizabeth Reyes is a USA Today Best Selling Author of The Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, Fate and Desert Heat romance series. Join the fun and become a royal member of TeamReyes and enjoy the perks of early announcements, cover reveals teasers, including exclusive teasers shared only the group. Along with exclusive team giveaways, discussions, trivia, Secret Santa and much much more! Website Goodreads Amazon

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